This Date In 1974

A number of climatologists, whose job it is to keep an eye on long‐term weather changes, have lately been predicting deterioration of the benign climate to which we have grown accustomed. They point to signs both great (a steady global cooling trend since World War II) and quaint (the southward retreat from Nebraska of the warmth‐loving armadillo) to support their claim that the coming years will feature colder, more erratic weather.

Some recent warnings, from reputable researchers in Japan, Europe and the U.S., have so worried policy‐makers that last January certain scientists at a meeting of the National Academy of Sciences proposed the evacuation of some six million people from their parched homelands in the Sahel region of Africa.

FORECAST FOR – The New York Times

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9 Responses to This Date In 1974

  1. arn says:

    Within just 35 years the USA went from the (real)dust bowl
    to a real cooling trend which resulted in the global cooling scam,

    therefore,if the lie of global warming is told for 35+ years the USA may eventually reach a point where the lie matches reality as result of normal temperature fluctuations.

  2. aido says:

    In recent years there has been a spate of predictions about climate doom that somehow settled on 2020 as the date of no return.

    • 2017: Businesses and governments have only three years to act to steer away from a course that will lock in the most devastating aspects of climate change.
    Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN Framework on Climate change

    • 2017: 2020 is the deadline to avert climate catastrophe.
    UK Daily Mail.

    • 2019: The world will end in September 2020
    Joe Romm, science advisor to former US president Bill Clinton.

    • 2019: We have eighteen months to save the planet
    BBC , July 2019.

    If the world is going to end in 2020, we’re running out of time for the apocalypse.

  3. Alexander+MCCLINTOCK says:

    Hi Tony
    Based on the many false climate predictions that you have catalogued, are you now in a position to say something like “100% (?) of predictions by ‘climate-experts’ have been wrong for the last 50 years. The obvious strategy is to believe the opposite of what the experts tell you.”
    Even if you can find one or two percent of predictions that were correct, it would not weaken the dreadfully poor accuracy record from the CAGW lobby.
    Thank you for your effort and stamina!

  4. trevor collins says:

    greetings from New Zealand! I will step off the planet in 7 hours time to AVOID climate change!! and then get back ON at 1 Minute after midnight into 2021!!! regards,Trevor.

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