GHCN V3 Unadjusted Data Shows Bahia Blanca, Argentina Had A Cooling Trend Since 1880

Hi, everyone.
Today, I checked the mean annual temperatures in Bahia Blanca, Argentina from 1880 to 2019.

According to GHCN V3 Unadjusted data, there has been a cooling trend since 1880, while V4 Unadjusted data shows a warming trend.

Man-made Global warming believers don’t know that NASA just likes changing data, despite the many similar cases.

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4 Responses to GHCN V3 Unadjusted Data Shows Bahia Blanca, Argentina Had A Cooling Trend Since 1880

  1. Wins Triumphs Godel says:


    How could you be saying those those things. Every person knows there is a crises going on

    in the video you clearly see the melting of all of the ice in the artic. People are clearly wearing t shirts and planting palm trees. You also see the tidal waves and flooding. Stop ignoring the clearly documented environmental crises. If we raise taxes and send all of the money to George Soros and the Chinese then all of the ice shall return and the earth shall be saved. We got to stand up and fight for the environment.

  2. Wins Triumphs Godel says:

    Here is more proof that there is no winter or spring in the artic

    Clearly ice free in March now. If we are able to reduce carbon by .001% the ice shall return and the tidal waves shall stop. The ice caps shall return. If we all work together with Black Lives Matter, China and George Soros then the flooding on New York City from the ice caps melting might stop and millions could be saved from Corona virus. And if we keep the world economy on lock down then the carbon footprint shall decrease and that shall prevent the hurricanes that are working their way up to Alaska according to the scientists. Thank you.

  3. sam says:

    You working on Trumps legal case, they’re trying to find evidence of vote machine hacking.. They may need the debugger

  4. John says:

    Just for interest Perth, the capital of Western Australia just had it’s coldest summer day ever recorded, despite over 100 years of global warming. The last 4 summers have been very cool compared to previous summers. I have also noticed snow falls on the Stirling Ranges to the South seem to have increased in frequency. If I wasn’t constantly reminded we are suffering global warming I would swear it is getting colder.

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