Weather Channel Explains “Here’s Why”

The Weather Channel says human CO2 decadence is drying up the Caspian Sea.

Climate Change Causing Water Levels to Drop in Caspian Sea – Videos from The Weather Channel |

Here is the same story from the Boston Globe in 1914.

10 May 1914, 59 – The Boston Globe at

The Caspian Sea Level Project says that the level varies by 130 metres in rapid oscillations.

Caspian sea level oscillations may be a hundred time as rapid as eustatic ones. The last short-term sea-level cycle started with a sea-level fall of 3 metres from 1929 to 1977, and a sea-level rise of again 3 m from 1977 onwards, until in 1995 a highstand was reached.

Rapid sea-level fluctuations have taken place in the Caspian sea since it became a closed basin about 5.5 Ma ago. The Caspian sea, now at -27 m below oceanic sea level, is known to have had highstands of +50 m and -80? m in the last 100,000 years, and even higher highstands further afield. Svitoch (1991) subdivided the sea-level cycles in five classes based on the order-of-magnitude of their duration, in the orders of magnitude from 105 years to 101 years.

Welcome to the Caspian Sea Level Project Site

In 1882, the Chicago Tribune said the Decadence of Nations caused climate change which was drying up the earth.

28 Sep 1882, 7 – Chicago Tribune at

In 2001, NOAA said that human CO2 decadence was drying up the Great Lakes.

20 Apr 2001, 55 – The Record at

There has been no trend in Great Lakes Water Levels over the past century.

Great Lakes Dashboard – HTML5

This week marks the 150th anniversary of IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE


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6 Responses to Weather Channel Explains “Here’s Why”

  1. This week marks the 150th anniversary of IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE is brilliant

  2. Thaipixie says:

    I understood that the Caspian sea bed rises and falls all the time. I was in Azerbaijan in 1993 and the wharves and piers were all under water!!

  3. Jim D says:

    Run for President!!

  4. nobler says:

    Don’t run for president. Keep up the good work and stay safe in Wyoming!

  5. just a thought says:


    Journalistic integrity so low…

  6. Theyouk says:

    The only person on TWC who seems genuinely interested in weather phenomena without broadcasting the AGW agenda is Ari Sarsalari. To his credit, he focuses on educating the public about various aspects of actual weather, and seems to avoid the AGW topic almost entirely. He grew up about 15 miles from my hometown in WI–a place shaped by glaciers and with an annual temperature range of over 120 degrees F (approx. -25F to 95F in a given 365 day period). ‘Typical’ winters there could be snowy/cold/windy/rainy/warm; anything was ‘normal’ (I think Steve Case lives near the area as well).

    The rest of TWC, notably the website, is pure propaganda for the AGW agenda and clickbait. They don’t even try to hide it. And Americans fall for it, hook, line, and sinker. The tragedy is that there is so much interesting ‘stuff’ about weather/climate/Earth sciences that they *could* use their platform to share–but there’s apparently no money in such a thing.

    Thanks for calling it out to a broader audience, Tony. And happy new year to you!

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