Alarmist With An IQ Above 80

I posted this on earlier, and got a fairly typical response.

On this date in 1904, it was 100 degrees at Eagle Pass, Texas, which was 25 degrees warmer than today.

History triggers some fascinating reactions.

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25 Responses to Alarmist With An IQ Above 80

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    ModerateDude has no idea how difficult it is to get accepted to study at Rice University. My guess is that the average Rice graduate has an IQ north of 130, which is more than 2 standard deviations above his.

  2. It is extraordinary the way the slightest hint that their sacred belief might not be absolute truth invokes a hostile reaction. Who mentioned global warming? Why should the factual statement of the temperature at a point long ago induce such offence? Methinks he doth protest too much.

  3. Richard says:

    ModerateDude needs an ObamaCare brainwashing aka Warm enema

    The Burlington Climate Action Plan reports the entire city’s carbon dioxide emissions for 2007—from all sources—at 397,272.4 tons. Yet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculates the CO2 emissions of McNeil’s Generating Station alone—the 50 megawatt biomass incinerator supplying roughly one-third of the city’s electricity—at 444,646 tons per year. A closer look reveals that the city only counted 2% of McNeil’s emissions from the 30 cords of wood it burns per hour – THE LEFT cheers on biofuel and has NO Idea they spill out 2X the CO2 as coal

    One million Btu’s is the heat equivalent of approximately 7 gallons of No. 2 heating oil or kerosene, 293 kWh of electricity, 976 cubic feet of natural gas, 11 gallons of propane, 125 pounds of air-dried wood, 121 pounds of pellets, or 71 pounds of coal.

    • Mark A Luhman says:

      Those “125 pounds of air-dried wood” have a lot of fuel cost involved in the harvesting and moving them to where they are needed. I am will to bet those cost are never figured in in the environment impact of such fuels!

      • Richard Fritz says:

        Denmark claims 20% from bio fuel – they forget they get 90% of timber from USA Brazil and Canada
        I read one estimate it takes 3X’s fossil fuels to timber transport and fill their plants than if they ran on oil gas or even coal

    • DM says:

      Ignoring / excluding 98% of the harm caused by a watermelon “solution” is antiracist arithmetic in action.

  4. Robert Austin says:

    ModerateDude brags about his IQ exceeding 80, about half of Tony’s IQ.

  5. reg cole says:

    I thought these people were being quarantined to Twitter?

  6. Randy Rivera says:

    Tony, I feel your pain.

  7. Ron says:

    I guess being skeptical of everything, especially anything from the Gov. isn’t a thing anymore. People refuse to learn from history. climate history also.

  8. David Strutt says:

    [Head shake] Both the handle and the level of awareness …

  9. Walt Lafford says:

    Interesting fact Tony. That reaction likely came from someone with an IQ somewhere south of 80.

  10. Mark says:

    When I was growing up every television show and major movie made fun of government bureaucrats in some way, shape or form. And it was true to life. What happened?

  11. Leonard+Harris says:

    ModerateDude tells you everything you need to know about him in the name that he chose for himself. Clearly he thinks that being moderate is a sign of high intelligence, when in fact it is the exact opposite. Nobody in history ever made a major significant scientific discovery by fallowing the consensus of the day. Truly intelligent people will always question popular beliefs and seek out evidence of the truth. To name just a few, Copernicus, Gallileo, Newton and Einstein, There are many others as well,

    Does ModerateDude dispute the veracity of the temperature records for Texas?
    Why does he not show all the relevant data points himself?

    Perhaps, that is totally beyond his cognitive capabilities.

    • ganderson says:

      Leonard- You are echoing what Michael Crichton pointed out in “Aliens Cause Global Warning”.

      I like this news- it means I can spend my declining years playing hockey outside!

  12. But it’s ok to have “one point of data” to “prove” global warming, right. I find it interesting here in Texas, the local Austin weather guys talked about climate change last night and how we must be better prepared for extremes in weather, which “has been proven by climate scientists for decades. We knew this would happen.” Forgetting that just the day before, they said that this happens about every 30 years. Since records have been kept. But that’s not important data, I guess. But it is important to be prepared for extreme weather, which the state of Texas was not. The last report 10 years ago called for winterization of our energy infrastructure, but was ignored. Look, bottom line, we know the climate changes. Let’s be prepared for that and not get crazy.

  13. Robert L Gipson says:

    F. William Engdahl’s latest article: Two excerpts:

    “A significant effect of a major or Grand Solar Minimum we are now entering is changes in the position of our Jet Stream. In periods of high solar activity the jet stream forms a relatively stable belt around the Northern Hemisphere on the level of southern Canada and Siberia, keeping severe winter cold contained. In solar minima such as now, the Jet Stream, instead of forming a stable ring, becomes highly irregular or wavy. That is what allowed the unprecedented Arctic cold as far south as Texas.”

    “According to the US NASA, the planet just entered into a new solar cycle. They predict that the current 11 year solar cycle, known as Cycle 25, which began in 2020, “will be the weakest of the last 200 years.” If so that would put it in the time of what is known as the Dalton Minimum which went roughly from 1790 to 1830.”

  14. James says:

    Weather isn’t climate! 😉

    • David G says:

      But Climate determines weather!

    • David G says:

      But Climate determines the weather!

    • It is only mathematically permissible to separate short term and long term modes in a linear system. The Earth’s atmosphere equations are nothing like linear. What appears a short term behaviour is merely part of the chaotic solution, as is the long term behaviour. ‘Weather’ and ‘climate’ are meaningless terms to a mathematician. A possible distinction is that ‘weather’ is predicted by applying the equations to the current system state and extrapolating forwards for at best ten days, whilst ‘climate’ is the result of external forcings. Essentially, weather could be described as the transient response to known short lived disturbances, whilst ‘climate’ deals with the system response to long term, typically cyclic disturbances. Current climate models employ the transient response approach to behaviour defined by external excitation, and consequently produce garbage.

  15. DM says:

    ModerateDude, take a look at Tony’s continent-wide portfolio of long term temperature graphs. They support his comment about Eagle Pass.

  16. Anthony Klonaris says:

    Only the weakest of ideas need protection from criticism. That’s why the climate change alarmists always panic when challenged.

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