Gaslighting Herd Immunity

Before the election, herd immunity was called “mass murder” by the press. But now that they have their Manchurian candidate in the Oval Office, herd immunity is wonderful and imminent.

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5 Responses to Gaslighting Herd Immunity

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    The propagandists from the Ministry of Truth never understood what herd immunity means. Like all Marxist they frame their arguments selectively. They like to say Sweden failed because Denmark and Norway did better than Sweden, as if Scandinavia were another planet disconnected from rest of the world. Why not compare Sweden to the rest of the world: COVID Deaths/1000 population, UK -2, Portugal-1.58, US -1.55, Spain 1.42, Sweden- 1.26, France 1.25.

    • Mark says:

      Covid deaths are super inflated. Local Funeral home director said 100% of deaths in US hospitals are classified as covid. Family members have inform him that more than 50% didn’t have covid when asked about their death certificates. Hospitals must falsely claim to get funding that comes with covid deaths. Most stay open via fees received from elective surgeries. No elective surgeries during covid.

  2. Tom O says:

    On that closing statement – Congratulations. Trust everything will work out beautifully for the both of you – or should I say the 4 of you?

  3. Tony, I recommend, if you have the time and have not already, look at this video.

    Except for the fact that he, in passing, mentions wearing face masks as being a means of inhibiting the spread of COVID-19 (something you and I disagree with), the rest is very interesting and accords, in the main with my research and particularly the excellent work that has been done by Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Vladimir Zelenko, Dr Simone Gold, et al, and so many others – not to disregard Mr Craig Kelly MP (Aust).

    The only surprise addition in this video for me was the information uncovered about the role of Melatonin.

    Paul Marik is rightly scathing of the US NIH. We are experiencing similar difficulties with the Australian TGA which is influenced by a committee largely comprised of people who are funded directly or indirectly by the Pharmaceutical Industry and, in particular, the Gates Foundation.

    Hope it is useful to you.

  4. Julie Bowden says:

    I would like to know the source please of the slide on Daily New Cases. Any ideas…

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