Hopelessly Brainwashed People

Over the past year, government has stripped Americans of their freedom, right to work, right to peaceably assemble, mobility, concerts, theater, museums, money and dignity – and Democrats are worried about completely imaginary issues. It shows the power of propaganda.

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10 Responses to Hopelessly Brainwashed People

  1. Jim+Hughes says:

    Good! I’m glad I’m keeping them up at night.

  2. John Sturges says:

    National File reported that a white truck with VA plates saying ‘Don’t Tread on Me” with a white driver was reported to DC police as a “terrorist threat”. Paranoia reigns with those who have taken something not belonging to them. “Don’t Tread on Me” is on many VA license plates.

    What does it say about National File that it published a misspelled headline.

  3. Jay Schneider says:

    There’s no hope. America is finished. People don’t want to think for themselves anymore. They want to march inline and be told what to do, what to think and believe.
    Promise the hope of complete safety and you get complete control. Those who resist get crushed.

    • Ginny Silcox says:

      I guess the question remains about what to do with the 80 million of us that can think. My intuition says that an adversary who is dumb AND brainwashed is probably the most dangerous enemy.

  4. Cheshire Red says:

    I notice ‘tackling climate change’ doesn’t even make the top 12 concerns for Leftists!

  5. arn says:

    So democrats are worried about exactly all the fake things that are being
    forced down peoples throats 24/7 by the MSM.
    What a conicidence that people who were raised by MSM confuse MSM agenda with their own opinion.

  6. Michael Moore says:

    The reason they are concerned is that Donald Trump supporters massively outnumber them.

  7. rah says:

    I remember when the imaginary Zombie apocalypse was a big thing. Well here it is. Just in a different form than anticipated.

  8. D. Boss says:

    Actually they are right to fear Trump supporters – because the Truth Shall Set you Free.

    People who have awoken from the stupor induced by the onslaught of MSM propaganda and that from academia – are a threat to the agenda of the Marxist takeover of the West.

    So from that sense, they instinctively know if enough people also awaken, their days are numbered. (I mean their days of their holding power)

    That is why it was necessary for all manner of disconnected mechanisms to collude to get rid of Trump…. He was awakening too many people from the brainwashed state to stand up and be counted, and dismantling their carefully laid plans….

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