How Many People Do They Want Dead?

Dozens of people froze to death in Texas this week because of a lack of natural gas to heat their homes, and the Biden admiration and LA Times apparently want the same fate for millions of other people.

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6 Responses to How Many People Do They Want Dead?

  1. G W Smith says:

    Keep the population ignorant, confused, and off-balance and you can run them like sheep anywhere you want.

  2. Robert L. Gipson says:

    On the presumption that the title of this post is not a rhetorical question, for a quantification of how many people Biden wants dead, we need look no farther than his track record. Biden was a prime mover behind the wars in the Balkans and Iraq, all based on lies, which killed millions; the current wars in Ukraine; he has just begun to do to Syria exactly what was done to Iraq, entirely based on lies as usual, and he will do the same to Iran. So the answer to the rhetorical question is that they want tens of millions of people dead, on the low side. And I do seriously mean the low side. Oh, and that’s just the wars. The final tallies for genocide by economic destruction (due to lockdowns) and genocide by “greening” are not included.

  3. hotwire says:

    No matter how soundly you explain the truth people will choose to believe the fiction.

  4. Steve Cooksey says:

    With high unemployment rates now would be a great time to hammer the poor with higher gasoline and heating prices. For their own good, of course.

  5. Ron says:

    I knew what Biden and his handlers were about. low information voters and the mainstream media are some of our problems.

  6. Jay Hendon says:

    “Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” Voltaire. Today’s absurdity is “climate change”. If a person simply watches the video linked at question #1 at it should convince them of that absurdity or at least instill doubt about the Big Lie being perpetuated.

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