New Video : How The 2020 Election Was Hacked

Independent of claims of voting fraud, the press and social media openly bragged how they produced a particular election outcome via propaganda and censorship.

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6 Responses to New Video : How The 2020 Election Was Hacked

  1. Cheshire Red says:

    The idea they should publicise the story of this election is bizarre, until you realise it must be for another reason than public service.
    This is a cover story, designed to pretend that genius minds ‘saved’ the election by their determination and sheer skill. What heroes!
    In reality they stole it by massive levels of corruption, fraud and illegality, which this new narrative / explanation is designed to camouflage.

  2. Vegieman says:

    The election was undoubtedly manipulated with sinister intent to the ongoing demise of western civilization, but I don’t see the Time Magazine article as openly confessing this deed. The author cloaked the pseudo confession as a “paranoid fever dream”. As we continue to beat this broken drum to the truth-deaf masses, the flogging of the marked “paranoid dreamers” by a well orchestrated media will continue. The only victory I know of by drum and by horn was the fall of Jericho. Absent the “Fear of the Lord”, there is no turning for this Babylonian fated ship.

  3. NewsCymru says:

    This has been standard operating procedure since the first elections in Athens.

  4. Klaus says:

    Dominion election fraud machines and Smart Matic software and now this…There is no democracy left for the people. It is a total farce!

  5. Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

    The video played fine until 1:08 when Biden started speaking, then it buffered for lengthy periods, then allowed Biden to speak a couple words at a time throughout his speech. Once Biden was finished and you returned, the video completed without further buffering and delays.

    Short of removing your videos altogether, YouTube is making it difficult to watch them by inserting so much buffering in the sections they object to that it discourages anyone from watching, and in Biden’s case it covers up his dementia.

  6. clark says:

    Why dose the video at 1:50 minutes seems to only buffer while Joe Biden is speaking making seem like the video is just loosing his words and not that he lost his train of thought.
    I replayed the video over several times and it only buffers at the point.
    Is the video made to do that? Very strange.

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