Nobel Prize Winner 2021

The person who that bat in Wuhan deserves the Nobel Prize. Flu has essentially disappeared off the map.

Influenza-associated Pediatric Mortality

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  1. mwhite says:

    “The Oxford University Blavatnik School’s index of COVID-19 policy ‘stringency’ (comprising 18 policy indicators) covers over 180 countries, ranking stringency on a scale 0 to 100. The UK was 81 on February 23rd. At worldometers there are data on Covid cases, deaths and tests for 220 countries or so.”

  2. S. K. says:

    The ideology driving the temperature altering is also driving the misinformation regarding covid19.

    Renaming the annual flu covid19 is immoral and unethical.

    The falling infection, hospitalization and death rates are because of herd immunity via public transmission and the seasonality of corona viruses not the vaccine.

    It makes absolutely no sense to get vaccinated at the end of the flu season unless you are interested in making big pharma rich or into eugenics.

    Please keep in mind the vaccines are experimental and pose potential long term risks (antibody development enhancement) for little or no benefit. The phase 3 trials for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will not be complete until late ’22 or early ’23. It may pay to wait.

  3. Tony Lam says:

    I petitioned the Nobel committee for a peace price for Joe Biden. I said he’s been in office for a month+ already, and is an easy price to win, he will not have to do much, like Obama , who won the price last time.

  4. Brian D says:

    My daughter is a nurse here in N MN. They have not been testing for flu when someone comes in sick. Covid testing only. If your negative they don’t test you for something else. So no other data would be available.

  5. nobler says:

    TYPO ALERT! Tony: Reread your title. The person who that bat..

  6. jack b :-) says:

    400,ooo hospitalized nationwide with seasonal flu in 2019/2020 season.
    126 same period to now in 2020/21 season. That’s no typo.

    One hundred and twenty six.


    We’ve been had, folks.

  7. Alexander+MCCLINTOCK says:

    Miraculous! ;)
    A voluntary Flu-Tracking system in Australia has these figures…
    Averages run at about 2%, with 3% in Winter and 1.5% in summer.
    2020 (April to December)
    The equivalent figures were around 0.25% rising to 0.50%.
    So Flu has not been cured by isolation etc, but self-reported rates are down dramatically.
    I smile when the graphs show the Flu-vaccine has virtually *no impact* on normal Flu.
    I hope the Covid-19 vaccines do better!!
    Dig here if you want the data …

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