1850 : Discovery Of A Northwest Passage

On August 24, 1850, Captain McClure discovered the Northwest Passage, said there was no ice along the shore in the Beaufort Sea, and the temperature was mild.

TimesMachine: November 12, 1853 – NYTimes.com

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4 Responses to 1850 : Discovery Of A Northwest Passage

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    As I recall the first person to complete the Northwest Passage was Roald Amundsen, who navigated it from 1903-06, and if I remember correctly, he finished the last leg by dog sled. His was also the first group to reach the South Pole, and he was the first person to fly over the North Pole. Just had to mention it. Norway’s forever number one national hero.

  2. G W Smith says:

    Tony, if it wasn’t for you putting these newspaper articles in front of our faces we would never know these things, and democrats would ever be in charge.

  3. Robert L Gipson says:

    McClure was, clearly, a science denier.

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