Climate Of Fear

“(climate) scientists are succumbing to a form of fanaticism almost reminiscent of the McCarthy era. In their minds, criticism of methodology is nothing but the monstrous product of “conservative think-tanks and misinformation campaigns by the oil and coal lobby,”

  • Hans Von Storch  2005

Exaggerated Science: How Global Warming Research is Creating a Climate of Fear – DER SPIEGEL

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4 Responses to Climate Of Fear

  1. rah says:

    ‘Oil Industry Shill’ is kind of like “racist” for the left. Used whenever they can’t think of anything else to try and discredit a skeptic.

    They have even declared Roy Spencer to be an oil industry shill in the past.

  2. G W Smith says:

    It continuously amazes me how these self-righteous bigots order everyone else to consider their ideas, but they will never consider the other side’s ideas and immediately label them as hypocritical crack-pots. I think their schooling taught them they were smart if they memorized the leftist narrative and stupid if they did not.

  3. John+Dawson says:

    Thanks Tony for digging up this article from 15 years ago in Der Spiegel.

    In my opinion it was well balanced and prescient. Sadly it seems nothing has changed and, if anything, the lunatics are even more in charge of the asylum in 2021. Have we learned nothing in the past 15 years?

  4. Guilherme Gomes says:

    The attempt to denigrate lawyer Reiner Fuellmich`s reputation by creating a fake profile Robert Turner, Medika Life, with the consent of search sites, show us the level of moral derailment reached the plot Covid the great reset!

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