Day 11 Of The Wyoming/Nebraska Global Warming Crisis

I spent the day documenting how the climate crisis is affecting wildlife.

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8 Responses to Day 11 Of The Wyoming/Nebraska Global Warming Crisis

  1. Richard says:

    all those birds could end up on jaws of wind mills

  2. Walter Wagner says:

    Wyoming must be for the birds.

  3. Pamela Matlack-Klein says:

    I always loved watching the Prong Horns romping alongside I-80 when traveling through.

  4. Pamela Matlack-Klein says:

    I’ll never forget the first time I drove west during Sandhill Crane mating season and saw the thousands of cranes cavorting in the prairie. What an amazing sight!

  5. nobler says:

    Very relaxing, but don’t send it to Tippi Hedren.

  6. Shawn Marshall says:

    Infinite variety in a bounded form – inferential proof of a Creator. If that was Bob Dylan – I know why I always hated his music.

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