Hansen Wishes He Wasn’t So Right About Global Warming

I’ve spent thirteen years documenting how NASA’s James Hansen got everything wrong – and how he corrupted temperature data to cover it up. But he says he was correct about everything.

James Hansen wishes he wasn’t so right about global warming

I’m not going to detail his impressive list of failures here, but I am going to discuss the key failure which doomed all of his other predictions to failure as well. Central to his global warming theory is that a hot spot would appear in the lower troposphere near the equator. In 1985, he predicted 7C warming in the tropical troposphere hot spot.


It didn’t happen, and tropical troposphere temperatures measured by satellites are not much different than they were 40 years ago.


What actually controls variation in tropical troposphere temperatures are El Nino (warm) and La Nina (cold) events in the Pacific Ocean.

El Niño and La Niña Years and Intensities

This graph overlays the ENSO graph above in pink, on top of the satellite temperatures.  The correlation with ENSO is quite good, and it shows little or no correlation with CO2.

Hansen has no clue what he is talking about, but he also controlled the temperature data – so he was able to tamper with it to make it appear like he was correct.

NASA 1999

NASA 2019

Here is an animation showing how the data has been altered over the past 20 years.

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16 Responses to Hansen Wishes He Wasn’t So Right About Global Warming

  1. Perhaps it is akin to the Roman Catholic doctrine of trans substantiation, the communion host has all the appearance texture and taste of bread yet in spirit it is the body of Christ. All the physical evidence and correct theory shows global warming to be hogwash, yet it remains a spiritual truth which must be believed without question. Therefore we modify the data so that those of lesser faith may be brought back into the fold.

  2. dm says:

    Hansen is trapped in a Manntasy.

  3. Terry Shipman says:

    Trofim Lysenko also knew he was infallible. Joseph Stalin agreed with him. One NEVER challenges the consensus. And the novel “1984” turned out to be an instruction manual, not a warning as George Orwell intended.

    • Robert Rust says:

      George Orwell is one of them, as have been and remain all prominent figures of societal institutions 4000 BCE to present. They write history, forwards and backwards, the inbreeding (“fiercely independent” as it’s often said), world-trading, racketeering, profiteering, lie- and confusion-spreading, war mongering, intra-competing, society-infiltrating Phoenician family of the coastal Levant of the Mediterranean of 6000 years ago, Mod Civ is their business.

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Trofim Lysenko, what you get when you hire based on party loyalty and ethnicity rather than on talent, experience, education, skill, i.e. merit.

  5. John I Reistroffer says:

    Drought in the great plains of the United states occurred during the high temperature increase in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This resulted in the “Dust-Bowl” which caused crop failures and the mass migration of farmers from their failed farms in Oklahoma to California. The American author John Steinbeck documented this exodus in his book “The Grapes of Wrath”.

    If we are undergoing a greater climatic warming than that which occurred in the 1930’s, where is the modern day American Dust-Bowl?

  6. G W Smith says:

    Delusion? Hubris? Apparently he wants the world to assume him unfathomable genius. Though shows clear signs of madness to eyes that can see.

  7. KevinPaul says:

    Jim’s bogus CIA contract work would not have lifted off the ground without huffing and puffing from the deep state machinery.

    The ENSO/tropospheric overlay is a compelling correlation.

  8. Ron says:

    I guess you can push all kinds of stupid crap on people and make money off it. The last election shows how people can get away with stuff also.

  9. Wuhan Nights says:


    From 1981.

    “The reasonable consensus is that warming will be continual, significant and easily measurable by the end of the century.”

    “Over the last 30 years the mean global temperature is 3/10th a degree warmer than the mean global temperature from a century ago. That is consistent with the Co 2 theory” – He is trying hard not to smile as he spews his rubbish out.

  10. Ed Price says:

    A brilliant expose of James Hansen.
    Could we have one on Al Gore next, please?

  11. Jeff Ford says:

    Hansen is to Climatology what Krugman is to Economics; always wrong.

  12. Russell Johnson says:

    Hansen is the false profit of climate change orthodoxy; he readily assumed the position of high priest in a phony religion. He played fast and loose with data and never hesitated to use smoke and mirror bureaucratic politics to push his theories, that friends is not science! Because of Hansen and others, we are forced to contend with illegitimate science about carbon dioxide that may lead to world wide serf like oppression of all people on earth. No bureaucrat has succeeded in pushing more illegitimate, false, inaccurate and misleading data about climate than James Hansen.

  13. Bill Ponton says:

    In Fig. 3 of Hansen et al: Model Forecasts of Global Climate Changes by Goddard Institute, 1988, Hansen predicts Annual Mean Global Temperature Change ΔT(°C) to rise by 1.3 °C by 2020. As of Feb 2021, the UAH satellite-based Annual Mean Global Temperature Change ΔT(°C) observed from 1988 to today a change of 0.20 °C. Another great prediction from this climate fraudster.

  14. Gabriel Cisneros says:

    How in God’s name do these people continue in these positions of power. If you are wrong about the essential predictive “proof” of your theory, there’s a bit of crow to be eaten, but if you falsify your data that you publish it as official federal agency data, what is the point of legislative oversight and why didn’t all of this go over the board during Trump’s presidency? I get that they would have been chewed up and spit out by the entire global establishment, but…it is beyond the pale.

  15. Ken Adams says:

    The past is not what is used to be. If current trends continue, our ancestors in the 1930s will soon freeze to death and we will cease to exist. We must demand that James Hansen hand over the keys to the De Lorean immediately!

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