“Ich bin ein Berliner”

On June 26, 1963 President Kennedy went to Berlin and spoke about a wall erected to keep East Berliners from escaping.  That wall has now come to the UK.

Holidays abroad will be made illegal from Monday – 5,000 fines for people trying to flee | Travel News | Travel | Express.co.uk

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12 Responses to “Ich bin ein Berliner”

  1. Jeff Ford says:

    Churchill weeps.

    • Robert Rust says:

      … crocodile tears, being one of the predators, an actor.

      • Mike Blackam says:

        Churchill, not a predator, but one of the greats who helped deliver us from the tyranny of national socialism, during the second big one.

        • Heretic Jones says:

          Egregiously incorrect. But not unexpected given usury’s deliberate warping of history.

          For starters, please read:

          1) How Britain Initiated Both World Wars
          2) Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil
          3) A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind
          4) The Anglo-American Establishment

          As far as the worlds foremost problems go, there’s only one thing worse than the usurers themselves, that being individuals who willingly sell themselves to the banks. This, after his bungled military career, is who Churchill was.

  2. Ron Corbyn says:

    Communism 2.0

  3. nobler says:

    I’m glad my ancestors got out in 1635.

  4. Phil+Grizzell says:

    The stay at home restrictions end on 29 March 2021. They are due to be replaced by stay in UK restrictions. From 29 March, subject to the approval of Parliament, it will remain unlawful to leave the UK unless you have a permitted reason.

    Legally permitted reasons for international travel include:
    • work
    • volunteering
    • education
    • medical, or compassionate grounds
    • weddings, funerals and related events

  5. Susan Ball says:

    Just say no. No more. We will not cooperate in this lunacy. Network. Grow your numbers. It’s unacceptable to go along with this like sheep. Makes me crazy. There is a cure for Covid, in fact more than one, and they are inexpensive, effective and safe. (www.ivmmeta.com and covid19criticalcare.com) So there is no need for people to be scared any longer.
    Sign up on Pam Poppers website dedicated to ending this insanity. MAFA.com. She is a powerhouse and understands more about this than most. Plus she has a large network already through her health clinics, and a team of dedicated honest and intelligent co-workers.
    If anyone wants to pass any Draconian legislation, and this networking is taken up by everybody, we can put 1 million signatures to a counter proposal instantly. We will have the power of numbers. Go to the homepage and listen to the talk she has put up there. If you are still interested go down the page to listen to her lawyer. They already served the governor of Ohio, taking him to court for his extreme response to Covid. You can see all the details on the website, but not on YouTube as they have routinely taken down her most controversial talks. She is honest but they don’t care for that. It’s well past time that most people realise that Google and Wikipedia and YouTube and Facebook are hiding the truth. They demonise good people and attack them.
    So many good doctors have lost their jobs. It’s just the same as with the climate but it’s now amped up to a higher gear. I guess the technocrats were getting impatient.
    Hold fast and unite as one. We can do this. We are many, and we are the good people!


    Britain put sanctions on Rhodesia in 1965 as a virtue signalling act of politics. I am amused that Britain is now declaring sanctions on itself. Installing Mugabe as president resulted in huge numbers of murdered people. Same thing going to happen again in Britain.

    • Terry Shipman says:

      And Mugabe also turned the former Rhodesia from a breadbasket into a hellhole of starvation. Yes, murder is the right word. It’s too bad he never heard the words, ready, aim, FIRE.

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