Leader Of The Free World

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  1. Richard says:

    Hey Where is my jello with whipped cream & what time do we play yard darts

  2. G W Smith says:

    Being There. Sort of.

  3. nobler says:

    I have a dear friend who has dementia. Yup, that’s what it looks like.

  4. Bill says:

    Our fake president is a duffus. We’re at the mercy of his handlers.

  5. JFT Sutcliffe says:

    The lights are on but he aint home.

  6. GreyGeek says:

    Harris won’t 25 Biden until one day after half way through his term. That way she can be Pres for what would have been his last two years and still run for office twice, making a total of 10 years for a Harris presidency. Meanwhile, if you had any doubts, SHE is the person behind the curtain pulling all the chains and pushing all the buttons. She is, in fact, defacto president right now. For her next two terms the Dems are counting, of course, on the Dominion voting machines, the mail-in ballots and the illegal alien vote, to say nothing of Americans running the poles being so willing to corrupt the voting by stuffing ballots after hours.

    America won’t be able to survive 12 years of Marxist rule. Most Americans won’t even consider fighting for the liberties they have already lost and are about to lose, so any talk about revolt is just keyboard rhetoric. The Marxist would want nothing more than to be able to justify the use of a “woke” military against Americans who resist their subversion, and AR-15s are no match for military firepower that would most definitely include automatic weapons, gunships, rockets, mines, and Wart Hogs.

    The GOP has always been a “Dem-lite” party so don’t expect anything but token resistance from them The governors of Texas and South Dakota have just proven that, and Mich has made that clear for years.

    The Dems, a.k.a. Marxists, are moving rapidly to insure that they remain in power permanently. Legislation to totally neuter the 2nd Amendment is being pushed and the 1st Amendment is being gutted with “hate speech” legislation, to finish the job started by PC rules imposed by the Cabal of social websites and MNM, organs of the DNC. According to our Marxist rulers the greatest threat to America are the very people that found it: White Christian males.

    Sooner or later the Harris presidency & the Dems will label Christians as “dangerous extremists” and “terrorists”, and the Bible as “hate speech”. The Bible will be collected and burned. Many Christians will renounce their faith to save their jobs and/or their lives, and church buildings in America will be shut down and will become as rare, or rarer, than those in Britain. Welcome to the USSA.

    • Steve Cooksey says:

      Ten years ago I would have thought you were crazy but now I know what you are saying is absolute truth. I’m still in shock.

    • David A Nichols says:

      I still have hope that enough citizens are awake or will come to their senses and resist the totalitarian take over. Also, there are many in the military who would join the fight to protect the Constitution of the United States that the Dems are trying to destroy. But, just because I’m hoping things will turn out more positive doesn’t mean I’m not prepared.

  7. Charles Straw says:

    Biden is like a party balloon that’s slowly letting out air…
    he’ll be nothing but a shriveled wad of rubber soon

    It would be fascinating, if it all weren’t so perverse and sad…
    I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the old, delusional miserable coot

    Yep, worst leader of any country ever…

    “Next up to bat, Kamala Harris…pinch hitter for Biden”

  8. Les Power says:

    I feel terribly sad, indeed deeply worried at the events in the USA I admire so much. I am an Australian, and very proud of it, however, I have many “Yank” friends and the USA has always been a large part of my life. As I mentioned, I am worried at the recent events in USA, the (lets say “controversy”) at the Nov 3 Election, and the fact that This man Biden is now holding the office of The most powerful man in the world, The Leader of the free world. My American friends must be sad indeed that the whole world has &.or will loose respect for the Country that was the envy of much of the rest of the world. This man (in my opinion) will lead America and the American People into a dark, unfriendly & confusing place, with continous freedoms being removed.
    What a great shame.

  9. Jerome Nathan says:

    Why is Sleepy Joe, Our President wearing a mask? He’s had his to “shots”, even the CDC says you don’t need to wear a mask after the vaccines.

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