Michael Mann Says Australia Didn’t Used To Have Floods Or Fires

Thirteen years ago, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology announced the permanent drought in Australia.

This drought may never break

Two years later it rained so much in Australia that sea level lowered.

Australian floods of 2010 and 2011 caused global sea level to drop | Environment | The Guardian

The same pattern of  drought and fire followed by flooding has occurred, and Michael Mann says it is because of “carbon emissions”

It’s not too late for Australia to forestall a dystopian future that alternates between Mad Max and Waterworld | Climate change | The Guardian

This is the same climate Australia has always had.

“The theory of alternate long period or prevailing wet or dry seasons may be confirmed in the mind of any one who will observe the numerous small swamps in which there is a growth of gum trees, which must have required a period of at least fifteen years, during which there was no standing water on the ground, and after they had attained their present growth, a succession of hot seasons has left sufficient water on the ground to kill them.”


“I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror
The wide brown land for me!”

– Dorothy Mackellar: “My Country” 1908

One hundred fifty years ago, this author lamented the prevalent superstition that the Australian climate was changing.


The perceived changes have always been blamed on white men.


1974 started with historic flooding in Brisbane.

28 Jan 1974, Page 12 – The Cincinnati Enquirer at Newspapers.com

Then came record fires.

Australian bushfires: Why 2019 fire season is different from others

And 1974 finished with Cyclone Tracy destroying Darwin.

The press said these were indications of global cooling.

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

29 Jan 1974, 5 – The Guardian at Newspapers.com

17 Jan 1857 – BLACK THURSDAY. – Trove

On January 14, 1939 it was 114F (46C) at Sydney, NSW. Massive fires burned most of the forest from Melbourne to Canberra, and decimated the Koala population. Residents were traumatized for years by the sounds of the Koalas screaming in the forest.

19 Aug 1940 – KOALAS FACE EXTINCTION – Trove

Inferno on Black Friday 1939: 71 deaths, 3,700 buildings, too much fuel and “lit by the hand of man” « JoNova

11 Jan 1939 – HOTTEST DAY ON RECORD IN THREE CAPITALS Seven Deaths: Many People Collapse – Trove

p1 – 14 Jan 1939 – The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 – 1954) – Trove


19 Jan 1939 – The Bushfire Peril. – Trove

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7 Responses to Michael Mann Says Australia Didn’t Used To Have Floods Or Fires

  1. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    The great Gundagai flood of 1852.

    BTW Tony, Dorothea MacKellar was a wonderful, intelligent lady (a Sydney girl) who spent her school holidays on her father’s country properties at Gunnedah (northern NSW), where she observed the many climate changes, of droughts and floods during the Federation Drought ( 1895 to 1903). The Federation Drought was arguably the worst in Australian European history.

    • Mark Amey says:

      Yes, the first poem that we used to learn.

      The Federation Drought caused our Great Depression nearly thirty years early.

  2. G W Smith says:

    I’m coming to the point where it’s obvious that liberals (ruining a good word) all think Earth is flat and that man determines how the heavens will go… much like the Aztecs did. And dems think we need to cut out more hearts and hold them up to the sky.
    What universe are we living in?

    • Richard says:

      We had the Stone Age
      Bronze Copper Age
      Oil Age from 1870 to date
      Stupid Age began as the Spawn of the Greatest Generation gave us the Worst Generation circa 1960″s

      • Robert Rust says:

        Exactly true.

        The entire age, Modern Civilization, with all its unrelenting increasing morbidness, began 6000 years ago with the sudden rise of the world trading, profit-obsessed, intra-competing, society invading, covert and overt behaving, warmongering, fiercely independent (i.e., inbreeding) Phoenicians of the Mediterranean coastal Levant, a predominant city of which was Tyre, source of the word ‘tyranny’. Their language is used to facilitate world trade, most modern languages using their modified alphabet, first two letters aleph and beta, as a basis, vowels added to a semitic language. They number about 30 million today as a complex family, and own, run, and control all institutions of modern world society, humanity their profit-providing consumer worker.

  3. D Jung says:


    I hope you have multiple backups for all of your great data and historical records. You know the Democrat Party is actively attempting to erase all of it.

  4. Brad Row says:

    Apparently we are expected to believe that there was, once upon a time, some halcyon era when Australia’s perennial cycle of extended droughts and flooding rains never prevailed. If so, I would love to know when it was. I am in my early sixties and for as long as I can remember this is the sort of climate we have had to cope with. As children in the 1960s we would be urged to moderate our use of tap water in our school’s wash rooms because dam levels were being depleted. If, contrary to personal recollections and recorded history, Australia ever did enjoy such a golden age perhaps these climate change believers could tell us exactly when it was and back that assertion up with some hard evidence.

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