My Life Saved By The Colorado Lockdown

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  1. Thank you Tony. As usual, a great presentation and I know that these things require considerable effort for which I am most thankful.

    Speaking of that, I just looked at your “Hiding the Decline” and I am extremely impressed by your work and skill here. As someone who has written a large number of programs for various practical reasons in the past, you work to me is very impressive.

    You are an exceptional talent!

  2. Charles Straw says:

    Up until last March, I had a very long standing friendship with a very radical friend of mine. He worshipped Malcolm X and media anarchists like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and embraced the 10 POINT plan of the Black Panthers as well as the ideals of other 6os extremists

    I was always too politically deficient to challenge any of his lofty ideals, but I myself became somewhat red-pilled by March 2020 and began teasing my friend about Trump and challenging him on basic Liberal notions

    The last conversation I had with my friend started when he voiced support for Colin Kaepernick and the abolishing of police…then my friend repeated his long time support for “anarchy” and I never talked to him again…a classic white liberal who had read all the radical books, but never processed what he had read. He became extraordinarily angry at me when I spoke back to him about simple topics and I’m sure my old friend now considers Biden to be an old school member of the rebellion and Harris as a feminist soldier for freedom

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