New York Times 1911 : Martian Engineers Hard At Work


“Vast Engineering Works Accomplished in an Incredibly Short Time by Our Planetary Neighbors -Wonders of the September Sky.”

TimesMachine: August 27, 1911 –

NY Times 1911 Martians Build Canals

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2 Responses to New York Times 1911 : Martian Engineers Hard At Work

  1. Charles Straw says:

    This is a classic article, Tony…and proof that the New York Times hasn’t changed much in 110 years

    Reminds me of the monumental book “Pandaemonium” by Humphrey Jennings…
    subtitled: “1660-1886: The Coming of the Machine as Seen by Contemporary Observers”

    — it’s basically an anthology of contemporaneous newspaper and literary reactions to new technology, machines and even the great exhibition at London’s Crystal Palace

  2. G W Smith says:

    Incredible. A moment in time.

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