UN : Planet To Be Destroyed In 10 Months

In 1989, the United Nations said we only have ten years to save the planet from global warming. Now they say we only have ten months.

U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked

U.N. Report: World Has Ten Months To Take Action on Climate | Time

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3 Responses to UN : Planet To Be Destroyed In 10 Months

  1. Richard says:

    take action – means TAX and Spend in the name of Climate Emergency

  2. Thomas Fowler says:

    The trouble is that the doomsday prophets are never held to account for their failed predictions. I’m glad that Tony is doing this. It needs more publicity.

  3. Howard Crawford says:

    What could be better than making money and spending it on yourself? – Ah, lets see, taxing you and spending your money on me provides me with a much more satisfying rush.

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