Understanding The Rules Of Democrats

You are under house arrest in your dark/cold wind powered home, while globalists fly around the world in their private jets discussing new ways to strip you of your money and freedom. And of course your mouth must be covered and your voice silenced.

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5 Responses to Understanding The Rules Of Democrats

  1. G W Smith says:

    Fascism returns in the name of fairness.

    • Robert Rust says:

      Fascism was introduced into humanity 6000 years ago by the coastal Levant, profit-seeking, world-trading, intra-competing, society-infiltrating, inbreeding Phoenicians, one major city called Tyre, source of the word tyranny. Fascism is corporatism, properly called parasitism. Fascism doesn’t return, it’s never gone away, 6000 years running, only getting worse, constricting the life out of humanity for every shekel-penny it can get.

  2. Dave Ellis says:

    There are Patriots, Rats and RINOS.
    Only one is worthy.

  3. Jessica+pohl says:

    Exactly what the Praesidium’s big shots did in the USSR.

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