Google has provided a new tool to study climate change via time lapse Google Earth imagery.

They may not have achieved the desired results however.  The Dubai imagery showed that sea level has not changed since 1984.

Timelapse – Google Earth Engine

They appeared to be blaming the drying up of the Aral Sea on man-made climate change, and said our choices will decide the future. Same story with disappearing glaciers in Greenland. Unfortunately they made two catastrophically ridiculous errors. The first is that they didn’t recognize natural climate change, and the second is that they blamed climate change on humans.

Here is Sydney Morning Herald from September 29, 1951. Everything which Google is blaming on humans now, was happening a long time ago, when CO2 levels were near or below 300 PPM.

Glaciers, Icebergs Melt As World Gets Warmer

Dr. Hans W. Ahlmann, director of the Swedish Geographic Institute, is an authority who has spent most of his life reading these signs. A recent report based on his work shows that the new climate is coming just as surely as winter or summer. Sub-zero temperatures occur only half as frequently in north-ern cities as they did 75 years ago. Greenland’s ice is melting and the ruins of mediaeval farm- houses hidden by ice for centuries have already been exposed.

In Spitsbergen the mean annual temperature has risen by four degrees since 1912. Ships ply the White Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia three or four weeks longer than they used to. In Iceland and the higher latitudes of Norway farmers are growing barley in soil that was once frozen for seven months each year. * BUT the coming of the new climate is most noticeable above the world’s snow lines.

Glaciers present the most striking evidence. The American geographer, F. E. Matthes, has reported that “glaciers in nearly all parts of the world receded regularly during the last sixty years but especially rapidly during the 1930-40 decade.” All glaciers examined from Greenland through Scandinavia to Europe are shrinking. And the shrinkage is not limited to high latitudes. Some glaciers in the European Alps have vanished completely.

In East Africa, the glaciers on three high volcanoes—Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya and Ruwenzori have been diminishing since they were first observed in 1880. The vast Muir Glacier in Alaska’s Glacier Bay has retreated a full 14 miles since 1902.

A young professor at the University of Wisconsin in the far north of the United States, Joseph Hickey, has been watching the birds of his State for the last ten years and he. too, is convinced that the climate is warming up. Comparing his observations with existing records, he says that many species of American birds and mammals have moved as much as 100 miles northward over the last 40 years.

The Tit mouse, the Turkey Vulture, the Whip-poor-will, the Swallow and the Opossum have detected the ‘ change in the climate much more quickly than we have and have moved north to find their accustomed climatic environment. *

Even the fish in the ocean know about it, too. Ahlmann reports that Eskimos are catching and eating cod, a fish that they never saw before 1900. Julian Huxley has reported that herring and haddock have been moving north off Greenland at 24 miles per year for the last 30 years.

Inland lakes have fared worse. With no melting glaciers to replenish them, many lakes are slowly disappearing. Dr. E. Nilsson, of Stockholm University, visited Africa in 1947 and found that the water level in Lake Victoria had fallen seven feet in the last 10 years! In America, the Great Salt Lake in Utah has lost nearly 50 per cent, of its volume since 1850. Its salt content has doubled during that time.

These cases of the Vanishing Lakes, the Shrinking Glaciers, and the Frightened Birds have now been solved and the sun stands accused. Dr. L. B. Aldrich, an astrophysicist at the Smithsonian Institute in the United Stales, published a report this year showing that the sun has poured enough extra heat onto the surface of the earth to affect our climate noticeably. The Danish Royal Geographical Society issued a more conservative statement. In the Danes’ opinion, “the question of the cause will remain open until sufficiently exact measurements of solar radiation for a longer time are available.” Other scientists, however, feel that Aldrich’s data is sufficiently detailed to provide an ex-planation for the curious evidence of a changing climate which has been gathered. * ALDRICH’S explanation is this that the radiation of the sun has increased by one quartet of one per cent over the last 20 >ears And this theory is based on 16 000 measurements made in Chile during those years Aldrich says that summer is getting warmer all the time

29 Sep 1951 – “HERALD” SATURDAY MAGAZINE Glaciers, Icebergs Meit As World Gets Warmer – Trove

TimesMachine: February 25, 1923 – NYTimes.com

The glacier at Glacier Bay, Alaska retreated an average of six feet per day from 1794 to 1896.

National Geographic : 1896 Apr, Page 138

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9 Responses to Junkscience.google.com

  1. Richard says:

    Google part of the Communist Manifesto

    finished reading Apologist Never – Michael Sullenberger – very good read- great how he connects big money to fossil fuels- good old boy Tom the Run Styers is still making millions on fossil fuels

  2. arn says:

    It is always amazing to see how much more scientists knew many decades ago
    though they did not have the internet,satellite data or high tech equipment
    that they have nowadays.

    As if a specific scientific field was overrun by imposters,parasites,psychopaths and Alynskyists who can’t say or write a single sentence without adding some activism,alarmism or good intentions.

    As if climate science has become the last resort for people who were too dumb to become journalists or politicians.

  3. arn says:


    Neo communists blaming the drying up of the Aral Sea on global warming,
    would be the most pathetic, shameless and disgraceful thing
    since the arabs sent out Wallace Fart Muhammed in the 1920ies to the USA to spread a taylor made black version of islam to black people(no strange clothing,no hijabs,sci fi nonsense etc)
    so save the black man from the white devil,
    while at the same time slavery was not just fully legal(and still is in islam and practiced in several countries) on the arab peninsula but going on since the creation of islam until the 1960ies
    (and then the black slave population somehow magically disappeared when slavery ended)
    and while in islam Satan is said to be a black man.
    And the aral sea is drying up as direct result of communism,
    and indeed man made,but not as result of climate but something much smaller humans can indeed influence.
    The flow of rivers and the fact that the aral sea was cut of from all supplying rivers (a similar strategy the economy and the energy sector are facing these days,who are systematically cut off from supply)

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Yeah, was that Greta talking over the film? How many takes did it take to get her through it without screaming or crying or threatening? Is it possible that she is just a well trained dramatist? Anyway, she’s not a scientist. Many leaps of faith in the church of Global Gaiaism:
    1. The the changes you are seeing are all caused by man.
    2. That they are bad, simply because they are changes.
    3. That they imply a damaged future.
    4. That they should be stopped.
    5. That they can be stopped.
    6. That Greta is intelligent because she has an accent.

  5. Mikey0 says:

    This is like showing the last few days of a dying man as if that was his entire life. Not that the planet is dying… or maybe it is but we sure aren’t doing it. I noticed the lack of sea rise, too. Have they checked the CO2 levels during different seasons? Do they remain the same even when it’s cold? I wonder.

  6. Vegieman says:

    “Google has provided a new tool to study climate change. . . ” and here’s an EpiPen from PragerU:

  7. GreyGeek says:

    During the last 50 or so years the Marxists have played “savior” in several attempts to drive Western democracies into their arms. The first I remember was “Nuclear Winter”, which they used in an attempt to co-op “Global Cooling”. Then came the “Club or Rome” BASIC language program which they claimed “modeled” the next 100 years of births, deaths, resources and consumption. The player would enter four values in an attempt to forestall global starvation and death. An impossible task because the program was rigged to fail. Unfortunately for them, the source was visible and people who knew how to program could see how the CoR rigged the “model” to fail. Then, in the 1980s, the Marxists began promoting Anthropological Global Warming, AGW. It never really caught on because folks read the CRU emails which showed the basis of the scam, so the Marxists change their model name to “Climate Change” and plodded on. Simultaneously, Marxists in Academia, Entertainment, News, Social Websites, Entertainment, Corporations and, most alarmingly Politics, completed their “Long March” to positions of leadership and began controlling those influence vectors in favor of Marxism and against Democracy as expressed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    So now, Marxists are in the Cat Bird seat and control the narrative. How? Most people assume those opinion influences are “news” and believe what is being told of them. They even let fake, Marxist controlled “fact checkers” do their fact checking for them. They’ve turned off their brains and have turned into hysterical Karens and Kens. Worse yet, to intimidate those who think for themselves and refuse to knuckle under the Marxists have released their black shirted version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts, the “AntiFa”, who are as Fascist as the Brown Shirts were and employ identical methods for violence, destruction and murder. The results of their methods can be seen in the burned out cores of multiple cities, and the injuries and deaths of scores of police and citizens. The WOKE media dutifully reports all this chaos of destruction as “Mostly Peaceful”, while describing the DC protest as a “Violent Insurrection”, even though not a single capital building was burned down or a person injured except for the only person killed, who was an unarmed woman, an ex soldier, shot by a capital “guard”.

    The Republicans are hoping that people will reach such a level of disgust that they will vote for a more Conservative Congress in 2022, and for a more Conservative President in 2024. It won’t happen. The Marxists have made ballot-stuffing the MO for future elections and they won’t lose another national vote, even in Red States. They will complete the destruction of the 1st, 2nd, 10th and other amendments in the Bill of Rights by destroying that document, along with the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. All in violation of their oath of office in which they swore to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic..” They will install a “Manifesto” which will declare “rights” that will never be enforced.

    You might think that this situation would lead to the second American Civil War. It won’t. The FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, the Fed Bureaucracy (unelected Deep State that can’t be voted out of their jobs) and, most importantly, the US Military (purged of patriot soldiers by Obama), have all gone “WOKE”. No single State militia, or even a collection of State militias, can overcome the firepower that the Marxists now control.

    Conditions in the US will only get worse. People do not understand that modern farming is using land to convert OIL into food. Wind and Solar DO NOT have the power density to do modern farming. Cut oil production and food prices will soar and food shortages will occur. People will starve. The Marxists will blame Capitalism and install wage and price controls, just like they did in the USSR and Eastern Block countries. The results will be exactly the same. Malnourished populations are susceptible to injury and disease. More people will die, beginning with the elderly, the unhealthy, the poor and children. Middle aged folks will be shipped to farms to do manual labor for 12 hrs/day, 7 days a week.

    Why did conditions in America get worse, leading to Marxists gaining the upper hand? It is because 50 years ago we began murdering our own children, the sin of Manasseh. We didn’t reverse that crime nor repent of it. Rather than repenting of our 50 million+ murders of the unborn we doubled down by throwing God out of our schools, courts, society and now government. We now malign Christians and Christianity, except for “WOKE” churches, which are nothing but social institutions that do not believe in God or the inspiration of Scriptures. As punishment for killing its children God allowed Israel to be taken into bondage by its enemies. Judgement on the America for doing the same thing has arrived, and you now are witnessing it first hand. It will only get worse.

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