Solar Energy To Power Canada During Winter

an 80-megawatt solar project in the county of Newell between Calgary and Medicine Hat, will produce more than 195,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of renewable energy once completed, enough to power more than 18,000 Canadian homes for a year.

Is Amazon’s climate change solution a solution? | Canada’s National Observer: News & Analysis

Never mind that there is no sun at night and almost none during winter. Ontario is currently getting less than 1% of their energy from solar.

Gridwatch | Web App

Saying that you can power a home in Canada full time with solar, is like saying “my car has 280,000 miles on it, so I can take it to the moon.”  Totals tell you nothing about reliability or usefulness for a particular task.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates wants to block the sun so that earth’s surface receives even less solar energy. The colder temperatures would increase demand for energy, and the reduced sunlight would decrease the supply.

Bill Gates’ Strange Plan to Dim the Sun | IE

Sun-dimming aerosols could curb global warming – CNN

Opinion | Should We Dim the Sun? Will We Even Have a Choice? – The New York Times

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15 Responses to Solar Energy To Power Canada During Winter

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Many people don’t understand the idea of insolation and how it varies daily, hourly, seasonally and with the orientation of a collector surface and that a collector can only convert energy from the stream of radiation which it intercepts.

  2. S.K. says:

    The city of Lethbridge, Ab. just recently shut down a solar thermal facility in the same area because it did not produce enough electricity to make it viable.

    The United Conservative Party was elected to put an end to this non-sense but it is rumoured that the leader was caught being friendly to a sheep by the opposition party and has in turn become a puppet for the public servants and the climate alarmists.

    Another example of an oil jurisdiction being economically destroyed along with the standard of living of the private sector residences for zero benefit.

  3. Justa Joe says:

    Who says Amazon will even be around in 2040?

  4. Dan Hall says:

    Hi Tony
    Just want to say that you are first on my list in the morning to keep me informed about climate, the covid scam, and other issues you talk about.
    Thank you sooo much for all the great work you do…please keep it up. It boggles my mind how the carnival barkers in the media are so completely complicit in all the fraud!!
    It is amazing to me that friends of mine that I admire, do not grasp the seriousness of what is happening now. It is extraordinarily frustrating to see them do nothing to educate themselves about the growing tyranny. They think everything will be fine in a couple months, and everything will go back to normal!! Really scary times…and again..THANK YOU!!

  5. Lance says:

    Yes, i saw that on the news the other day….and I just shook my head….just in 2019, the sunny portion of our province closed up a solar plant…and they are right back at it, spending good money after bad…

  6. gregole says:

    What climate crisis? Climate is fine.

    Journalists and politicians are the problem.

  7. Lasse says:

    Clean air act has had an effect on global sunshine.
    We have in Sweden at least 10% more energy and 20% more sun hours with less clouds during the last 40 Years.
    At the same time SO2 emissions have been reduced by 90%.
    Bill Gates can replace those aerosols -but we will bee angry because we like the sun!

  8. Mack says:

    Dimming the sun at the same time as we enter a grand solar minimum and the PDO and AMO start to swing negative. What could possibly go wrong? I think Gates watched too many ‘B’ movies as a kid and saw the ‘mad scientist’ character as an inspiration rather than as a warning not to meddle in things that you don’t properly understand.

  9. Peter Carroll says:

    I’m impressed. Amazon have either found a way to get solar panels to work when covered by snow, or, are able to keep all their panels, snow and ice free, all winter.

  10. dm says:

    1) Wherever Amazon builds renewables, it should rely solely on renewable electricity. Less than 2 weeks experience doing so would teach Amazon unreliable renewables wreck productibity and prosperity.

    2) Blocking sunlight proves yet again some people fail to learn from experience. During the global cooling scare (1960s & 1970s), elites proposed coating snow & ice fields with soot, coal dust and other dark particles. The particles would diminish solar radiation from snow & ice, absorb & hold solar heat and thereby warm Gaia. Implementation would have also WORSENED the global WARMING trend that began in the 1980s;-} Gaia should quake when elites claim they intend to defend her from mankind.

  11. D. Boss says:

    Not only is it like saying because your car can go for 300k miles before overhaul, you could go to the moon…

    But these asinine nutbars continue to use the false notion that a house only needs 3-4 kW of power [on average].

    The same idiotic notion that is used in so called Climate Science, that you can use an “average” amount of energy or power for realistic analysis. [no you cannot use an average to determine performance and reliability etc)

    The average power a house needs is NOT what the generating or distribution network needs to supply! The peak energy plus a safety margin is what is needed.

    The average household in N America has a 100 amp service delivered at 240 Volts. That is 24,000 watts peak, or 24 kW.

    The 80 MW solar plant, which cannot operate at 100% of nameplate capacity, typically they may run at 60% of nameplate capacity. (most are far worse, but let’s be generous) So that’s 48 MW or 48,000 kW.

    So 48,000 kW divided by 18,000 homes as the idiot article proposes is 2.67 kW.

    You cannot run a 40 gallon water heater with only 2.67 kW, nor can you run an electric clothes dryer, nor can you operate your electric oven, nor can you operate a central air conditioner or heat pump, etc.

    Each of these appliances needs more than 3 kW to operate and of course you can operate all of them plus some with the normal 24 kW feed to your house.

    The solar farm mentioned can only power 2,000 homes fully as the power distribution grid does now.

    It’s the same with a car engine – you cannot design the car based on the average power needed to turn the wheels at average speeds. If you do you will never be able to climb even a tiny hill!

    My 6500 lb Chevy Van only needs about 23 HP to drive at 60 MPH on a level freeway with no wind. But if you put a 25 HP engine in it, it would never climb a 1% grade, or be able to drive in a 35 MPH headwind. You need the 265 HP it’s V-8 engine is capable of producing to accelerate, climb hills and fight headwinds.

    Right now from a stoplight it gets to 45 MPH in about 800 feet accelerating moderately. But if you only have 25 HP, it would take 3 miles to get to 45 MPH, if there is no hill and no headwind!

    You cannot size a power plant based on the average power the consumption activity requires, you need to size it for the peak plus some reserve or safety margin.

  12. RegretLeft says:

    I lived in Edmonton AB – 160 miles north of Calgary. In the Calgary area, Nov, Dec, Jan; the sun comes up about 8am and sets about 3:30pm – and stays very low on the horizon all day long. Winters are dry; relatively little snow; but it starts falling (and covering the solar panels) in Nov and melts generally by mid March. In summer, air conditioning power needs are minimal; the summers are delightfully cool. Even large apartment towers do not have central AC.

    You are aware that the Swedish Space Agency canceled the Gates/Harvard trail I think scheduled for June 2021? About 2KG of chalk dust was to be released in the stratosphere abover the Swedish Arctic. Local residents (Laps, etc) and supporters protested vehemently and they won… for now.

    Total colonial mind-set: there are empty places on earth as we can go and do whatever we damn well please.

    When German citizens about 1940 protested their government’s euthanasia program, the government announced that it would cease. However, the program continued at a slightly reduced level for another year or two with much stricter secrecy. After that, the services of the program technicians were required elsewhere.

  13. stewartpid says:

    The Audi dealer where I bot my wife’s Audi TT has Calgary’s largest private solar panel installation …. currently operating at 18% on a cold 0 C day with a very cloudy sky & we had some light snow earlier this morning.
    Here is more info and some drone views of the panels …. the big positive on the panel install is the huge benefit on the dealers hail insurance rates and so there is method to their madness.
    I watched all winter and the panels were doing nothing for large portions of the winter with 16 hours of darkness a day and snow covering the panels. Many sunny days were zero electricity with the panels snow covered.
    FYI the wife’s car is awesome …. probably the prettiest interior I have ever seen in a car and the controls in the vent centres are brilliant.

  14. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Gates is a Bond arch-villain level lunatic.

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