Rewriting And Hiding History At The New York Times

Five years ago I called out the New York Times for claiming that 10.1 million acres burned in the US was a record.

New York Times Climate Fraud – Called Out By The New York Times | Real Climate Science

I used this New York Times article to show that burn acreage in 2015 was only half of 1937.

October 9, 1938 – NYTimes

Sometime since, they silently rewrote the text (without errata) and now ignore all the years before 1960.

They are creating a fraudulent and rewritten version of history to push climate fraud.


Warming? Tree Rings Say Not Yet – The New York Times

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3 Responses to Rewriting And Hiding History At The New York Times

  1. Bob Hoye says:

    Barn-burner review.

  2. Hunter says:

    Tony I grow pot (legally ) in greenhouses. Greenhouses come in identical kit buildings. I place them in a row. Pot benefits hugely in the growing cycle if co2 is added at the right time. 800-1200 ppm is best. As a little experiment I checked the temp in the greenhouses as I added the co2 ( the thermometers , two per greenhouse are accurate to tenth of a degree). I could leave one greenhouse at 1200 ppm and three at atmospheric level and COULD NOT detect any rise in temp. For even a couple days. What the hell? Shouldn’t the scientific claims even be reasonably truthful…even if not compensating for other planetary effects? I realize that my little experiment was not perfectly controlled but Zero increase in temp from same sunlight and three times the co2 should produce something … if ‘scientists’ are to be believed.

  3. Robert Rust says:

    No scientists say global warming is occurring, only politicians and their minions.

    Science says no global warming/cooling is occurring, only longterm-stable, periodic, tiny fluctuations in world climate and periodic, tiny to large changes in local climates. Climate is atmospheric and is experienced from the ground. When the geographical location of the ground/land-mass changes, large, local climate changes occur in this region while the overall world climate remains unchanged. That’s what the science says, that sometimes the crustal surface of the Earth shifts through the atmospheric climate zones, Earth’s bulk and axis always behaving the same and incapable of changing over less than billions of years.

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