Taking America Over The Cliff

Al Gore started America down a dangerous path 30 years ago, and Joe Biden is poised to push America over the cliff now. This video covers the last 30 years of global warming superstition, corruption and madness.

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8 Responses to Taking America Over The Cliff

  1. 20:48 : ‘unprecedented smear campaigns.’ I think if you look in ‘Mein Kampf’ you will find something similar.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      “Sieg heil!” sounds rather relevant ….

      When will people wake up to to the reality that the “Anthropogenic global cooling – Oops! – now warming – Oops! again – because nothings much has happened in reality, so let’s call it climate change/disruption/crisis/catastrophe/emergency/whatever-is-today’s-politically-correct-‘woke’-name-for-it”; is – and has always been – about two things: MONEY and POLITICAL MANIPULATION?

      “Socialism by Stealth” comes to mind. (And so many people – in ignorance – think that the Nazis were politically ‘Right Wing”, when the very name “Nazi” derives from “German Workers’ SOCIALIST Party”!) So “Sieg heil!” is totally appropriate …..

      And keep up your much-appreciated good work, Tony!

  2. Robert Rust says:

    The parasite world mafia is increasing energy profit margins, just as it did with nuclear power which provided virtually free energy. The cult clan faked nuclear-power “radiation” dangers, manufactured and employed endless unnecessary, expensive, strict, “safety” levels and protocols to vastly ramp up the selling price of nuclear electricity from which the parasite clan, then, could make acceptable profit. The parasite has employed bottled water to capitalize on essentially-free water to milk humanity for more easy money, soon it’ll be bottling air for 7.8 billion face diaper-wearers to make up for all the oxygen that they’re depriving themselves of and the carbon dioxide they’re holding in. Always a new profiteering racket-scam from the worldwide, Earth-I-own, parasite cult clan to add to the countless ones it still has running.

  3. spren says:

    The globalists and climate-liar profiteers have realized they can’t compete with truth, and they that know the saying “the truth will set you free” is the truth. So we can plainly see the result with their censoring of anything counter to their narrative which they are completely impotent to contest. It’s easier to just silence the opposition than to futilely try to prove them wrong.

    I’ve always called the new graphs being touted as proving the correlation between CO2 and warming to be nothing more than Mann-made warming.

  4. Steve Case says:

    Yeah, 1878! NASA’s charts all start at 1880.

    And every month NASA makes several hundred changes to their Land Ocean Temperature Index.


    • Richard says:

      And several times a week Tony presents compelling data analysis showing that global warming is a scam, yet he never addresses the very real threat we all see in our skies most days now, chemtrails. Yes; we all see them but most of us do not perceive them. And those of us who do perceive them, for the most part, are afraid to talk about them. Is that why Tony and his followers never mention ongoing geoengineering and weather modification programs being conducted by the US and many other countries?

  5. Larry Webster says:

    I’m amazed they can get this many people to play along with this BS. WTF

    • Steve Case says:

      PBS is on TV and as I walk through the room, the scene is a tour bus that won’t start, and the man says to the driver, “I’m sorry miss but it’s dead.” The driver calls to her friend, a young woman who just happens to be there, “Do your magic.” And this girl runs up, sticks her hands under the hood, wiggles a few things the the bus starts.

      This is the kind of bullshit propaganda that goes on day in and day out.

      Yeah, WTF indeed!

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