Ten Years Left

For half of my life, we have only had ten years left to solve global warming.

Only Ten Years Left To Fix Climate Emergency | Zurich Insurance

Mercury News: Search Results

2020 is the deadline to avert climate catastrophe | Daily Mail Online

And 50 years ago, NASA said we would have an ice age in 50-60 years. Based on the record cold spring we have been having in Wyoming, that seems more likely.

U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming

As CO2 has increased, life expectancy has increased with it.  This is largely because the availability of fossil fuels finally gave people the ability to protect themselves from a naturally dangerous climate. Most people do not have the ability to survive winter without heat from burning hydrocarbons.

Life Expectancy – Our World in Data

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21 Responses to Ten Years Left

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    Oh Tony! We can’t have good news based on nasty facts! Now, can we?

    Someone might be offended ……

  2. Richard says:

    If oil is killing people (humans) why was the world population in 1870 approximately 1.2 billion worldwide now up to 7.7 billion in 2020 today at the beginning of oil usage.
    In 1850 circa the death rate for kids under 5 was 45%+-, now not more than 5% in advanced countries. The average life expectancy was 45 in 1870’s. Now from 2000BC Egypt the life expectancy was 19, it took 3800 years for the life expectancy to increase 26 years.
    With Oil now in use from say 1870 which is early, closer to widespread use from 1900 to 2020 the life expectancy went from 45 to 75 a total of 30 years added in less than 120 years?
    World population in 2000 BC was 310,000,000- life expectancy 19
    World population in 1850 AD was 1.2 Billion so 3800 years to increase nearly 1 billion
    Time of Oil age 1870 population went from 1.2 Billion to 7.5 billion in 2020, less than 160+- years for population to jump 7 X’s.

    I HATE FACTS too

  3. Bernt Ekholm says:

    What has happen with Your NewTube site, not possible too open, “Sorry your user wasn’t found!”
    Have you been blocked?

  4. arn says:

    “Good” news is that the 10 years left to save the planet rhetoric is ending,
    as the UN Agenda 2030 finishing line is now below the 10 years standard,
    therefore the remaining time to save the planet will always be adjusted to fit the 2030 timeline.

    But after 2030 there will be a revival of the 10 year timeline(they love round numbers that end with 0 as it is easier for lemmings to memorize them)
    as 2030 is just the first massive step of downsizing.
    After 2030 a slow ,fabian tactic will be used to justify lower and lower co2 outputs.
    (“guess what,we haven’t yet done enough to save the climate but the good news is we have another 10 years to save the planet”)

  5. Ron says:

    It’s mostly people pushing fear to control others.

  6. will skol says:

    We seem to be at the end of a warming trend and headed into a cooling event due mainly to a lower sunspot solar cycle. I realize that is crazy since man controls the temperature of the planet not the sun, yet volcanic action has been blamed in the past for cooling the planet and now Bill Gates wants to block the sun by polluting the atmosphere to cool the planet. Hopefully these fools will wake up if cooling is in our future, as we may want to start trying to store some food supplies before a cooling trend disrupts the food chain, as it has in China this last growing season.

    • arn says:

      If you want to reduce the world population to,let’s say Geirgia Guidestones >500mio,
      then the systematic destruction of energy supply would do a perfect job,
      especially in the western world + Russia&neighbours.
      Especially if you do this during the start of a cooling period as the gap between needed and available energy would massivly increase and therefore the bodycount.
      Combining this scenario with Bill Gates'(this demigod of the left is by some strange coincidence into ALL aspects of totalitarian controle schemes of the NWO conspiracy ‘theories,be it GMO,mass surveillance,vaccination,global warming-
      only cryptocurrencies are missing so far)
      sundimming chemtrail
      the effect will rise by a magnitude
      and reduce available food as result of very short growing seasons.

      A greenland scenario that made the vikings disappear
      would happen on a global scale.
      On the other hand.
      Gates idea is neither knew(sun dimming was already proposed by Edward Teller 36 years)
      nor is it a thing of the future,as certain regions are already being blessed by strange ‘cloud’ patterns.

  7. aido says:

    In recent years there has been a spate of predictions about climate doom that somehow settled on 2020 as the date of no return.

    • 2017: Businesses and governments have only three years to act to steer away from a course that will lock in the most devastating aspects of climate change.
    Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN Framework on Climate change

    • 2017: 2020 is the deadline to avert climate catastrophe.
    UK Daily Mail.

    • 2019: The world will end in September 2020
    Joe Romm, science advisor to former US president Bill Clinton.

    • 2019: We have eighteen months to save the planet
    BBC , July 2019.

    Folks, it’s now 2021 and the world didn’t end last year.

  8. AV says:

    I use the facts Tony Heller supplies to promote good news to people I connect with. I reveal that the planet is actually doing far better than they think and that there is no climate emergency.
    Strangely the response to this good news is anger and negative comments that i do not know what I’m talking about.
    The planet is burning up they say, and they won’t allow any good news positive facts to get in the way of that. Very strange.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      Yes AV! This is the common situation in my experiences, and in the experiences of many like-minded friends – all of whom have “done their homework” about the weather, instead of just accepting propaganda.

      We all find that the reaction to good news is the same: “Oh no! We know that we are all doomed and the world will in in ten tears from now, unless we abandon fossil fuels, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah! So don’t you dare give us checkable facts that show that humanity is better off than ever!”

  9. Bob Noble says:

    It’s snowing, again, in Boulder County. How is this even possible?

    • saveenergy says:

      “It’s snowing, again, in Boulder County. How is this even possible?”

      It isn’t possible (we have it on expert authority), must be a figment of your imagination this year will be the hottest ever.

      We’ve only got 10yrs before we’re all drowned in our beds by a tsunami of boiling acid ocean populated by mutant sharks … do keep up with the latest settled séance.

  10. Timothy Obrien Wells says:

    Hi Tony, I have been recommending your videos and website on a social media chat forum called Quora.
    Is that Ok?

  11. Allan Shelton says:

    I used to think that Willy G was a smart person.
    But after reading about him and his ridiculous project and ideas, I realize that he is an complete fool.
    He is either woefully ignorant about AGW or aiding and abetting a fraud.

    • Disillusioned says:

      I say it’s the latter – aiding and abetting a fraud. Why would he say vaccines would help to lower the population? Why is he buying up farmland? Why did he sponsor a dry run mock forum for a global pandemic three months before COVID19? Because he’s stupid? Methinks the evil genius knows exactly what he’s doing.

  12. Jimd1958 says:

    Grand Solar Minimum on the way. Volcanic ash will hopefully kill off the weak willed lefties in the 10 years they tell us.

  13. Hotwire says:

    How little humans understand how insignificant they are.

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