The Biden Eagle

(2) U.S. Navy (@USNavy) / Twitter

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  1. Robert Rust says:

    Phoenix holding onto an anchor as its life, the world-trading, seafaring, intra-competing, inbreeding Phoenician commerce and military fleet, master of its subjugated modern humanity and owner, runner, and controller of its profit-bringing Modern Civilization.

  2. Charles Straw says:

    I was in our local department store today…they had several large wire bins and racks filled with the trendiest Disney and Marvel comics face masks — altogether, maybe 2000 masks were for sale and all were discounted at 80% OFF

    The Great Mask Disposal has started

    Folks were fast and obedient in acquiring and wearing masks obsessively…in a few weeks masks will be yesterday’s news. Honestly, the “standard Covid mask” has been nothing but a fashion accessory and a ticket to enter stores in order to shop

    • Edward McLaughlin says:

      So hope you are right. Here in UK the cult of doom is still strong and out there using its most potent advertisement to cover people’s faces.
      Me, I’ve never worn one and only once been gently challenged.
      As some wag recently put it “If someone takes me to task for not wearing a mask, I just say ‘Look, let’s form a pact, you and I: I’m OK with you pretending your mask actually does something to stop viral spread, if you’re OK with me pretending I’m wearing one?’ “

  3. arn says:

    Interressting to see how deep and far the brainwashing goes and on how many levels the institutions had been corrupted

    It is one thing to stage a photo of a guy who is all alone on the watch
    with a stupid mask on,
    another to desecrate a symbol with another symbol-the NWO symbol of submission ,the mask.

    As we are talking about the Navy-
    does anyone knows if and how submarines are operating now?
    Such a tiny isolated place is the perfect,breeding and spreading place for viruses until everyone runs around all the time with a perfectly sealed gas masks(and not that crappy nonsense the guy on the photo above is using with those huge gaps next to the nose).
    Have those divisions stopped operating during the past 15 month?
    Otherwise there should have been massive losses of crew members as result of of Corona if covid is only 5% as leathal as they pretend.

  4. Martin says:

    I’ve read several articles over the past year about wildlife becoming entrapped in discarded face masks . Is the logo a depiction of a Bald Eagle that has had a similar unfortunate encounter?

  5. mddwave says:

    Look at Biden White House Official Photo that for some reason took two and half months to post. Other than the obvious photoshopped removal of wrinkles of 79 year old man, there is one thing I never seen before for official government photo. The American flag in the background is out of focus. The photographer simply had wide aperture for narrow field of view. Harris’s official photo has the flag out of focus too.

    Maybe Biden and Harris wants the viewer only to focus on him and forget about anything American.

    • arn says:

      This is done on purpose
      and shows you the future way of that government.
      They always start with small changes and then increase it until Biden declares himself and the country as global and submissive to the UN.
      Social Engineering always starts with very small steps.

  6. czechlist says:

    A masked raptor. A perfect image for a dimorat admin’s military posture. I am surprised there is nothing to support a “trans” position. Maybe the anchor can be modified?

  7. nobler says:

    I have been doing a LOT of searching and I have yet to find a single study that shows face masks have ANY effect on spread of viruses. The CDC website, disingenuously, says that masks *might* slow the spread of disease and recommends their use. That makes the CDC about as useless as CNN.

    What was most surprising was to find that N95 respirators have barely measurable effects on the spread of viruses– and that study was done in clinical environments with trained healthcare professionals who cross-check each other when putting on PPE.

    Short of Level IV containment, you can’t slow the spread of viruses.

    There is one place where face masks have had a tangible effect. The are effective at spreading impetigo when schoolkids share masks.

  8. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Really? Out in the middle of the ocean, standing on deck alone, the wind roaring, the waves pounding, and you wear a mask? Take the opportunity to breathe some fresh air!

  9. Vegieman says:

    Is this for real? When I was younger I had a different vocabulary for saying “what a bunch of girls”. I’ll sleep sound tonight knowing our navy is commandeering the seas with their masks on.

  10. John Sturges says:

    The actual data shows placebo infection rates. For Pfizer the infection rate was 0.75% of the population, for Moderna it was 1.12%. The healthcare experts have reported a much, much higher rate in the range of 20-30 times higher than the vaccine trials indicated actually occurred in the general population. The vaccines were effective at preventing infection in the study, but was the money spent and economic lockdowns worth such a low infection rate? A 1% infection rate to lockdown the country seems to be a wild over reaction.

  11. mlh says:

    I’m convinced there are millennials who will wear masks until their toilet paper runs out some time in the next decade.

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