Gaslighting Fires

Last year’s fire season was below the long term average, but the press reported it as the worst season on record.

The reality is that burn acreage was below the long-term average.

National Interagency Fire Center

National Interagency Fire Center

During February, the Biden Administration deleted all of the inconvenient data prior to 1983, which was the lowest burn acreage on record.

Wildfires and Acres | National Interagency Fire Center

The gaslighting was particularly bad in Colorado, where the press determined that Colorado history only goes back 20 years and was the worst year on record.

Five charts that show where 2020 ranks in Colorado wildfire history

Colorado has been a state since 1876, and during 1898 massive fires covered most of the state.

Fort Collins Courier October 6, 1898 — Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Herald Democrat October 2, 1898 — Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

TimesMachine: September 30, 1898 –

TimesMachine: October 3, 1898 –

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7 Responses to Gaslighting Fires

  1. Richard says:

    ever since first Earth Day 1970 we hear 10-50 End of DAYS predictions & When the Green New Deal goes thru and $8 Trillion spent nothing will change with Climate & the AOC’s of the USA will say SEE WE STOPPED IT

  2. Windsong says:

    NIFC website has been completely revamped. Still possible to find year-end statistics by state, but not as easily located. There will always be large fires that are deadly and costly, but the state recaps by agency reveal some of the fire number padding that occurs. For example in my state, Washington, the National Park Service reports four lightning caused fires in 2020. Combined, the four fires burned .8 (eight-tenths) acre, an average area of 100′ x 88′ for each. The number of fires reported to NIFC would drop dramatically if the threshold for reporting a woodland fire was merely increased to one acre; for a grassland/crop (e.g. wheat) fire to five acres.

  3. GreyGeek says:

    The Biden gov isn’t lying about fire reporting prior to 1983 because prior gov agencies did not track fires and report fires using the “tracking and reporting procedures” used by the Biden administration. Biden, simply put, concealed all data that did not agree with his “the Earth is on fire” agenda, which has a goal of taking over control of every aspect of a citizen’s life. So, expect to see rules put in place to restrict citizen access to Federal forests in order to eliminate camping and other uses of those resources.

  4. Scissor says:

    We’re also in the midst of a wet record breaking drought in Colorado. This past month has brought a lot of rain and snow. It’s raining now.

  5. arn says:

    It is always amusing to see that the years 1931&1932 burned more acreage
    than all the ‘apocalytic’ record breaking years of this century combined.

    The scary thing about climate change are not all the catastrohies as they are
    not happening
    but the morons
    who can see that they are systematically being fooled by a criminal gang and still keep on believing the liars instead of asking “What the hell is going on here?”

  6. Robert says:

    Apparently,  NOAA just confirmed that fossil fuels have nothing to do with rising atmospheric CO2 levels.  Whoops.

    NOAA reported that the global average of atmospheric CO2 hit 412.5 parts per million (ppm) in 2020, a rise of 2.6 ppm from 2019, the fifth-largest increase since they began measuring atmospheric CO2 levels 63 years ago. The rise happened despite an estimated 7% reduction in global emissions due to the pandemic.

  7. oldefarte says:

    Regrettably, I cannot seem to find any means of contacting Mr. Heller or this site other than as a “Comment” to one of the articles, so let me toss this out: IS ANYONE ELSE NOT GETTING THEIR NOTIFICATIONS? I’ve been a subscriber for some time and had been getting regular e-mail notifications about new postings on this site. A month or so ago, I made one of my periodic $100 donations (small price to pay for good information). Suddenly, I’m no longer getting these notices… YouTube, of course, already limits its search results (one Tony Heller + 6 Mallen Baker’s and 2 Potholer’s), but it now seems that maybe Yahoo is blocking Mr. Heller from even communicating with his fans (and/or they are “demonetizing” the site by blocking anyone who donates to it). Talk about “gaslighting”! So, if you, too, are having this problem, you might wish to alert Mr. Heller – oh, and raise some Hell.

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