“Scientists Reveal”

Anytime the press says “scientists say” – you can be 99+% certain you are being scammed.

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  1. Youtube has been actively promoting the CO2 climate catastrophe and suppressing all data, arguments and fundamental science which refutes it for at least two years. This call to suppress ‘misinformation’ is quite redundant.

    • arn says:

      It is not just redundant but a farce.

      Billionaires like the youtube&tv station and other MSM owners are the ones paying politicians to “believe” and push the AGW agenda,and are activly surpressing informations and attacking those who goes against the narrative for years.
      And now they try to legitimize their criminal behavioursms and lies
      while pretending to be neutral(as this is the pathetic scenario we have right now,where youtube is so good,neutral and helpless that it has to be forced by politicians to protect the global warming religion.

      Step 1)
      pay a political prostitute to promote your lie

      Step 2)
      pay the same political prostitute to protect these lies

  2. Michael Spencer says:

    Well done again Tony!

    There’s nothing that scammers hate more than nasty truth! (And we can’t have any good news, now can we? Someone might be offended!)

  3. The Inquisition must root out the dangerous heresies which threaten our Holy Mother Church Welcome back to the Middle Ages.

    • D. Boss says:

      25 years ago I used to (and still do) say that the so called “science” has more dogma than the Roman Catholic Church. (was raised as a Roman Catholic so I know what I speak of)

      Unfortunately my observation is even more true and worse than I had ever imagined!

      If you dare to go against the orthodox view you are now burned at the stake instead of just being ex-communicated…. (figuratively for now anyway)

      • arn says:

        You are being ex communistcated is the correct spelling :)
        as soon as you dare to leave the path of mandatory wokeness.

        I remember reading several years ago about a top awarded(real)scientist veteran who got ruined and cancelled by the organized religious science mafia for simply believing in IQ differences,a thing which can easily be (and has been )proven to be true( even by income of the people).
        While at the same time doom and gloom bastards like Ehrlich and Holdren who even switched their agendas from ice age to AGW,
        But as soon as you read their book Ecoscience ( which would make the woke crowd go mad in a second as result of its massive fascist tendencies including mass depopulation and forced sterilization,if it was written by someone from the right political spectrum)
        you will realise that woke science is about human pest control and ressource management on a global scale and has nothing to do with climate or virus control and that global cooling/warming etc are just Trojan horses .

        • D. Boss says:

          Yeah it is about a Marxist, Totalitarian agenda at the root of all and any catastrophic Trojan horses… But even before this modern state of affairs, towing the party line in so called science was deeply dogmatic and you were pilloried for coming up with anything that challenged the orthodox view.

          I find it particularly ironic in the work I did for a decade, investigating fundamental energy processes. There we did find conditions and results on the bench which defied the accepted norms, but it was always dismissed because it didn’t fit with the dogma.

          Their dismissal was always framed with notions of “well it must be experimental error” or ” your measuring apparatus or methods are not accurate enough”, etc.

          But those same kinds of mouthpieces now promote garbage “science” using arguments which could not stand up to their previous criticisms or standards of accuracy.

          Not wanting to get into the details here, but let me explain it with the following:

          If I used 2% of the orthodox “science” arguments they used to reject the verifiable results we obtained to the Climate Change nonsense, it would be laughed out of school. (which makes me both amused and furious at the same time)

          • I take it back, going back to the Middle Ages would represent a major advance on the voodoo and superstition which characterises modern scientific orthodoxy. The current standard of debate pre-dates civilisation itself.

          • arn says:

            Isn’t it interessting that
            they can dismiss and ridicule (sometimes years of) work and results that do not fit their agenda within a second,
            while at the same time they can push and justify years failures of failures with always the same cheap excuses.

            While all the obvious answers can be found at the beaches.
            The non existing AGW sea level rise.
            A mandatory result of global warming
            which was so 100% true and obvious that Hansen could predict the end of lower manhattan and the maledives 33 years ago.

            Nowadays sea level rise has(officially) become a super complicated science only god and a handfull chosen(incl. Hansen)are able to explain and predict.
            The reason predicting and measuring sea level rise has become so super complicated
            is very simple.
            It does not exist(except the ever ongoing standard >3mm per year)and the failure can easily be observed,therefore new smoke and mirrors,new weapons of mass deception,are needed to keep up the facade.

      • John Barrett says:

        Dr Peter Rid sacked from James Cook University when he questioned the quality of his colleagues research.

      • Actually, the Catholic Church analogy sums up the situation admirably. The communion wafer is, to the faithful, the actual body of Christ. That it looks like and tastes like a bit of bread are the ‘outward accidents’ . Llikewise, to the faithful, actual facts and sound science are the ‘outward accidents’ of the belief in the Holy Doctrine of climate catastrophe and are inferior to blind faith. No amount of reason can encounter such extreme irrationality.

      • Gator says:

        The Anthropocene Creed
        I believe in CO2, the Gas Almighty,
        Creator of Warming on Earth.
        I believe in Climate Models, the only guides, our Lords.
        Which are conceived by the Navier-Stokes,
        Born to make climate scary
        Suffered under climate skeptics
        Were crucified by emails, dead and buried;
        They descended into Hell;
        On the Third Assessment Report they rose again from the dead;
        They ascended into policy heaven
        And sitteth on the right hand of the Administrator Almighty;
        From thence they shall come to judge the emitters and the dead.
        I believe in the Hot Spot;
        The Holy Scientific Consensus;
        The Communion of Experts;
        The forgiveness of emissions;
        The resurrection of Gaia;
        And the Gas Everlasting.

  4. RobertM says:

    “Congress urges Google to act against “dangerous climate misinformation” on YouTube…”

    Hmmm. I would consider that a violation of the First Amendment…and the civil rights of the people putting out that “dangerous” information.

    • David A Nichols says:

      Well yeah, except we no longer have civil rights (inalienable rights). That is a myth. What we have are privileges granted to us by the government. (The definition of “to govern” is “to control.”) If we had our inalienable right intact then we would have the full and complete ownership of out bodies and minds (as adults) and could do anything we pleased just so long as we did not violate the rights of others in so doing.

  5. Terry+Dixon says:

    Hi Tony – not sure if this is the right place for this. Your posts stopped arriving in my inbox about 2 weeks ago. I have checked my junk box. What’s the problem ? Can you please check ??

    Terry D.

  6. Anon says:

    This was a great video !!!

    I am not sure why, but possibly because it completely obliterated the headline: Melting Artic Sea Ice Destroys French Wine Harvest.

    Does anyone know how much colder the Earth needs to become in order to prevent the French grapes from freezing?

    One possible solution would be for them to move across the Channel, to England, as they will be safe there:


    “Experts also say the English country garden is unlikely to survive in the South East in its present form. Rolling lawns and herbaceous borders may be ousted by palms and eucalyptus.”


    So, according to Climate Scientists, French vintners need to head NORTH to continue growing grapes !!! (raoflmao)

  7. Peter Carroll says:

    In Australia we had a “Chief Scientist”, Ross Garnaut, who conducted The Garnaut Review, into climate change, in 2008.
    His definition of climate change is as follows:
    “A change in the state of climate that can be identified, (for example by using statistical tests), by changes in the mean and/or the variables of its properties and that persists for an extended period, typically decades or longer”.
    Using this definition, there has been no change in climate, anywhere on the planet.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Absolutely, as Tony has proven, over and over. The hockey stick is the temperature output of the CO2 driven climate model. It’s clear from the fact that the final temperatures exactly follow the increase in CO2, something that would never happen in nature, nor has never before happened in nature. Actually measured temperatures over the last 2o years are statistically consistent with the temperatures of the previous 100 years.

  8. Richard says:

    when the Politicians and experts at CNN YouTube etc tell us ITS NOT ABOUT THE $$$$ is about the Environment – MEANS it is About $$$$$$$$

  9. Jake Sinclair says:

    Climate Science is an oxymoron. It’s not about the climate or science.

  10. Billyjack says:

    The Church of Warming/Climate is just one denomination of the main religion of Secular Socialism, whose deity is government. The other denominations are the Churches of Feminism, Racism and Sexual Orientation. Government scientists today are little different than the clergy of yore who provided the science of the day to support the king’s right to rule by divine providence. This has never been more obvious than Fauci. They then get to share in the plunder of the peasants with the ruler and the king avoids the messy use of the sword to take the peasants liberty and property.

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