133 Degrees In Santa Barbara, California

Adiabatic winds can be very hot.  On June 17, 1859 Santa Barbara, California reached 133 degrees.

29 Jun 1859, 4 – The Sacramento Bee at Newspapers.com

13 Jun 1877, Page 2 – San Francisco Chronicle at Newspapers.com

13 Aug 1859, 2 – Pointe Coupee Democrat at Newspapers.com

A few weeks after the record heat in 1859 came the largest Coronal Mass Ejection on record.

14 Sep 1859, Page 1 – The Louisville Daily Courier at Newspapers.com

06 Sep 1859, Page 2 – Brooklyn Evening Star at Newspapers.com

31 Aug 1859, 1 – The Cadiz Sentinel at Newspapers.com

Tomorrow, Seattle and Portland will have a few hours of hot adiabatic winds which the press will blame on global warming.

Pacific Northwest braces for historic heat wave, and experts say climate change could be to blame – ABC News

Ventusky – Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps

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6 Responses to 133 Degrees In Santa Barbara, California

  1. Petit_Barde says:

    Coronal Mass Ejection ?

  2. Kerry Lewis McCarthy says:

    I wish there was an “easy” button I could push to rid the earth of all the fraudulent global warming idiots predicting catastrophic climate change due to increased CO2. It would take me 1/1,000th of a second to push that one. The purpose of those false claims is to eliminate the middle class from all the nations of the earth and strengthen the total hegemony of the elitist globalists (aka World Corporation, aka World Communist Revolution, aka One World Order, aka New World Order, aka Globalism, aka 4th Industrial Revolution, aka Great Reset). Same old plan. They want communism for all of us (with their computers counting all of our votes) and globalist elitists control all the resources of Earth (including us “human resources”). They planned to replace war with “environmentalism” as justification for their governance over us, but it was too fake and we knew it. So they released CV19 as their justification for us to give fealty to them. Soon they plan to force us to accept their same old environmental lies again. RESIST!!!!!

  3. gregole says:

    Yes, Oregon has some hot weather coming up. Going to visit relatives up there very soon; so in choir at church today of all places someone decided to mouth-off about Oregon and climate change. I replied that Mann-Made climate change is the biggest fraud in the history of science. Pure. Fraud. I’m Episcopalian. Wonder if I’ll get kicked out. Won’t be the first church I’ve been booted from.

  4. rah says:

    Of course! They were already blaming it on “climate change” based on the forecast. There is never supposed to be any extreme weather in their perfect fictional world and wherever and whenever it occurs, it’s because of that evil CO2 caused it.

    These morons have been preaching this stupidity for over half of my 65 years and still can’t get enough of the population to buy into it to get popular support for what they want to do.

    In the mean time their Icon, Greta, comes to the rescue with a plan for a great reset. What a bunch of maroons!

  5. Canadian says:

    Can you comment on this report from Canada? I know it’s connected but It’s hard to find historical climate data from Canada. Everyone here is saying it’s a for sure sign of global warming.


  6. alf says:

    Does descending air from a high pressure system have the same affect as Adiabatic winds?

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