Bloomberg Pushing Vaccines

Bloomberg says COVID rates have flattened or declined in places with the highest vaccination rates.

More Than 3.35 Billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

They don’t mention that the same phenomenon has occurred in places with the lowest vaccination rates.

India COVID: 30,743,013 Cases and 405,527 Deaths – Worldometer

Yesterday Bloomberg said life is returning to normal in blue states with high vaccination rates.

What they didn’t mention is that life has been normal for months in red states with low vaccination rates.

Alabama COVID: 552,911 Cases and 11,387 Deaths – Worldometer

Have we flattened the curve in Wyoming? – Johns Hopkins

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12 Responses to Bloomberg Pushing Vaccines

  1. arn says:

    The only thing that is more amazing than the fact that there is no difference between Bloomberg and CNN(&facebook &google etc etc)
    is how fast they developed a vaccine against delta variant,
    considering that they did not succeed to develop vaccines against former covid strains for decades.

    (wonder when they will release the epsilon variant from the labs)

  2. Gamecock says:

    It’s about control.

    People have the false belief that the Left wants control so they can make things better. The Left gets off on control; “better” has double-ought nothing to do with it. They will destroy America because they feel good about having the power to destroy America. THEY HAVE NO REPLACEMENT!

    The Left wants to force the vaccine on everyone because they enjoy forcing people to do things. Forcing the vaccine is not medical, it’s not even about the Corona virus. The virus is just a tool to get you to accept their control.

    • arn says:

      So finally they destroyed the immune system of children so much that they can also be killed by covid as result of government intervention.

      Good job.Mission complete.

  3. Tim P Wohlford says:

    My pastor believes everything that confirms her beliefs, including this recent AP bit —

    Did I miss a post where this bit of journalist-tries-math was addressed?

  4. Alex says:

    Excuse me, Mr Tony Heller.

    May we have either a some climate science related newsletter or an RSS feed.
    A lot of things are going (I’m trying to get a job), and multiple emails with unrelated to climate science articles are simply hard to focus on.

    I would be happy to get a second option such as a biweekly email list with focus on the scientific problems without social ones. Or once again an RSS feed.

  5. Jimmy Haigh says:

    In Thailand, one example of many in E Asia, we had virtually no Covid until the end of March. Since then cases and deaths have rocketed. In fact 91% of all Covid cases and 96% of all Covid deaths have happened since 1st April. What else happened in late March? They started vaccinating people. On 7th June they increased the rate of vaccinations. One week later cases took off and they are currently nearing 10,000 per day. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan and Mongolia are similar.

    • Tel says:

      Same pattern in Israel … their fourth wave (the biggest wave) started approx the same time as the vaccine rollout in December 2020. Fortunately it settled down again but took a few months. You might have another month to go in Thailand.

      Could be coincidence?

  6. rah says:

    Since all of their scare tactics have failed to get the response they desire as we who are informed and cogent are refusing to take the “vaccine”. The government and corporate America are now going to implement more active and coercive measures to try and force those of us that have refused to take the shot.

    This truck driver has probably had many more vaccines than the average person because of my time as an SF soldier but I refuse any of those they are pushing for COVID. None have gone through the full FDA program and I am nobodies lab rat!

    Funny thing. They say it’s your body and your choice when it comes to abortion but now that is being thrown out the window. And has anyone thought to ask how come they want to force us to show papers to prove we had the shot but have not said a thing about giving papers to people that already survived the infection and thus have their own natural antibodies?

    • Tel says:

      There’s something spooky about the obsessive bahaviour of the vaccine pushers. They claim that you must take the vaccine in order to keep cases down and protect others … however the vaccine trials never tested how much the vaccine actually does reduce the spread. If you read the trial details they only tested for symptomatic covid, meaning they demonstrated that the vaccine reduces symptoms. It isn’t well tested against variants, and no one knows how long the protection lasts … you might be lucky to get six months out of it.

      They also want to push the vaccine onto people who already have natural immunity, based on nothing scientific. Why would that be so important to them? It doesn’t make any medical sense, given that all previous tests on various coronavirus types in multiple species show that natural immunity is better than anything a vaccine can produce. We know that natural immunity works because there’s at most a small handful of people who caught COVID twice, and because populations are going back to normal even regardless of high vaccination or low vaccination rates.

      My wife and I both had a very covid-like illness back in December 2019 but there was no freakout back then and no tests either. She lost her sense of smell for a few months which has never happened before, nor since and that’s almost a perfect indicator of covid. Anyhow, she wanted to get the vax because she wants to travel and really she got bullied into it … but that’s kind of her choice … I didn’t try to stop her. She got the first Pfizer / Moderna shot and had a fully sore arm within about an hour … right from the wrist to the shoulder. That lasted a few days and then cleared up, but the only explanation for the very fast response would be an immune reaction … and other people have reported the same thing: if you have natural immunity then you get a big reaction after the first shot.

      Interestingly, she had no reaction whatsoever after the second shot … whatever was gonna be triggered got set of first time.

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