Blue Pill – Or Red?

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  1. THX1138 says:

    So, what happens when your government disarms you?

  2. Terry Shipman says:

    Let freedom ring! Live your lives boldly and without FEAR!

  3. arn says:

    Once crop&meat production had been reduced to the absolute minimum(to save climate) blue pills will be the main source of food
    for the woke (vegan blue pills,50% soy)

  4. Louis Gatto says:

    Wow …people out actually having fun… who would have thought.

    Thanks for this simple illustration (video) that there is still life out there to be enjoyed. It’s imperative we “show” these FOOLS for what they are.


  5. KevinPaul says:

    Freedom, just like Sweden has had since last year!

    On a different note I found it interesting how Dr Robert Malone revealed the influence of the Thought Police, (from about 6 minutes, it’s all worth watching) Obviously the very same MO has been in operation in climate science, after all, the fraud and obfuscation festers from the same core rot.

    In case you haven’t heard, this gentleman has been alerted of moves to assassinate him if he keeps talking, he must be over the target.

  6. Jake Sinclair says:

    This is remarkable. #globalwarming can be created by simply altering temperature data graphs!!!

  7. S.K. says:

    Asymptomatic people do not spread viruses, masks are totally useless and the only protection against the annual flu is nature immunity.

    Vitamin c, d, zinc, Quercitin, Ivermectin and Hydroxycloroquine are effective against the annual flu. ( )

    Big pharma and the powers that be are suppressing all information regarding prophylactics to protect their $46 billion vaccine markets.

  8. Ed Price says:

    When I last checked “deaths with Covid” for 2021 there was 1 such death in Australia (actually in Queensland). None in NSW or Victoria.
    Yes, our authorities are pathetic in aiming at zero deaths – we may never get any form of herd immunity.

  9. just a thought says:

    Those interested in getting some facts about COVID and related issues, please see…

    Not all his videos here
    are about COVID, but the ones that are have been very informative.

    I’ve been following him since March of 2020, and been impressed with his learning curve. Very glad there’s someone like him to cut through the bs for us.

    One might say that he is to COVID what Tony is to Climate Change.

  10. The brain is part of your immune system, so if you don’t use it you might get vaxxed and die. Thinking requires efforts and theses virus of the mind pushed by decade of infestations at all levels of society (propaganda) is making you so tired so you fall in their basic fashionable trap. What does that truly means about you when this happens? Is it that easy to get rid of people? It certainly looks that way.

  11. Aussie says:

    I am in Queensland but grew up in Sydney.

    What is happening in Sydney is a crime against humanity. We have pure evil from detached Leftists surveying figures and ordering ever more restrictive and catastrophic measures, with no thought for the consequences of their actions. The same detached manner was almost certainly in play during the artificial famine that was orchestrated on the Ukraine by the Soviets last century.

    And its absolute certainty given the statements from Premiers and Scott Morrison (PM) that due to their requirement that there be no covid deaths (any number of other deaths is quite ok it would appear) that lockdowns will be with us forever.

    Those perpetuating this evil need to be bought to account. This is not Australia and people need to realise it will never end until they say ENOUGH.

  12. just a thought says:

    News at 11:00…🐝

    “There was an idea attack at a university today by an impromptu speaker, leaving one student thinking and several skeptical. The speaker was driven away by angry purple haired faculty, and the injured students are in quarantine until they conform.”

  13. just a thought says:

    News at 11:00…🐝

    “There was an idea attack at a university today by an impromptu speaker, leaving one student thinking and several skeptical. The speaker was driven away by angry purple haired faculty, and the injured studenots are in quarantine until they conform.”

  14. Sydney Subversive says:

    It’s interesting, and rather ironic, Tony, that you should entitle this “blue pill – or red?”. Sydney was actually the site where “The Matrix” was filmed. The cityscape scenes in the movie are of the Sydney central business district. Being a resident of the greater Sydney metropolis I am under lockup – I refuse to use the propaganda euphemism “lockdown” – as I type this. Sadly, we are under the control of politicians who are determined to destroy the village in order to save it. Like King Canute, who thought he could order back the tides, they think that they can contain a viral respiratory disease by draconian restrictions of freedom. They are utterly indifferent to the misery and harm their edicts cause. They destroy livelihoods wholesale while themselves suffering no financial consequence whatsoever. Actually, on second thoughts, comparisons with the 11th century Danish and English monarch may be a little unfair – to King Canute. At least he actually understood the limitations of political power and wanted his fawning courtiers to understand them too. The same cannot be said for the tyrannical fools who govern our city and state.

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