Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve

The “vaccine” used to be 96% effective.

COVID sickness dropped 95.8% after both Pfizer shots: Israeli Health Ministry | Reuters

Now it is 39% effective.

Israel says Pfizer vaccine effectiveness down to 39 pct amid spread of Delta variant – Xinhua |

People in Sydney aren’t allowed to talk to each other.

New Zealand remains completely isolated.

New Zealand shuts Australia travel bubble as Sydney’s Covid outbreak worsens | Coronavirus | The Guardian

New Zealand announced almost one year ago that they had eliminated the virus.

7:22 PM · Aug 8, 2020

They have had cases almost every day since they eliminated the virus.

New Zealand COVID: 2,855 Cases and 26 Deaths – Worldometer

Meanwhile here in Wyoming, we have the lowest vaccination rate in the country and life is completely normal. Frontier Days starts today. We have tens of thousands of visitors from all over the US and the world.

Home – Cheyenne Frontier Days

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