Elections Have Consequences

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  1. Sydney Subversive says:

    It is heartening to see that freedom still survives somewhere. Unfortunately, it is a rare election in which you are offered a perfect candidate. More often than not it is an exercise in trying to find the least ghastly. In the March, 2019 New South Wales State election voters opted for what appeared to be the most conservative of the major parties – the closest thing Australia has to the Republicans. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that what they had elected was in reality a left wing party in disguise. The New South Wales branch of the Liberal Party has been thoroughly white anted by the so-called “Moderate”, or “Modern Liberal” (as they variously like to call themselves) faction. These people are just left wing refugees who have colonized the Liberal Party because, lacking the necessary trade union background, they could not get anywhere in the Labor Party. Taking our cue from the American term RINO, we often call them LINOs . Poll driven hollow men, they have zero commitment to the core values of freedom. The results now show. I have vowed and declared that so long as they remain in control of it I will never vote for the Liberal Party again.

    • Michael Moore says:

      Spot on Sydney Subversive. As a fellow Australian it was sad to see a once free Sydney under Martial Law on the weekend.

  2. Louis Gatto says:

    Living Free… almost forgot what that’s like. Thanks Tony!

  3. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    0:57 “To see a fine lady upon a white horse”! (Two actually)

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