Extreme Heat Warning In The UK

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  1. Chris Higginson says:

    Thank you for sanity in an insane world.

  2. arn says:

    I am always amazed by how progressive climate science is.

    So progressive that they can operate far beyond the laws of logic,common sense,scientific standards and highest high tech.

    While we have 0 countries on this planet with 150years or more reliable weather/climate data they were able to determin that the end of january 2021 happened to have the hottest day of the past 10.000 years.
    (now we just need to know which day on earth 10.001 years ago was hotter than the specific january day and by how much and where they got
    3.650.000 of global data from to make such a bold claim.)

    Same goes for age determination which is such a huge pain in the butt
    that we can barely determine how old a (fake?) paintjng from 200 years ago really is.
    When the pyramids or the sphinx were really built(btw the sphinx seems to have suffered from supermassive rainfalls 4200 years ago-must have been some very ancient man made co2 climate change back then).
    But all of a sudden we got a dragonfly expert who was able to prove
    that dragonflies were now changing their wing patterns faster than ever before
    in 230.000.000 years of history.

    This guy solved so many many massive problems by simply linking his “science” to AGW.
    Usually,depending on the method etc, the age determination results of the same set of old fossils can vary by many millions years,
    but this guy was able to determine the exact age and somehow get the necessary relevant number of fossils and samples to have enough reliable data throughout all periods of history
    to prove that dragonflies change their wing patterns the fastest during the last 30 years.

    Now we just need to know why in hundreds of millions of years Dinosaur farts were not able to harm our climate but cow farts will within a few decades.
    I guess the answer is simple – cow farts are man made,dinosaur farts aren’t.
    (maybe i shouldn’t give those morons any ideas)

  3. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Hottest in 10,000 YEARS?
    So how did Greenland become GREEN?
    Cuz the temps were HIGHER than now.

    • Terry Shipman says:

      Proved by the fact that the Vikings had a thriving colony there ca. 1000 AD. Going back even further to the Roman Warming Period, as I learned in school decades ago, that Hannibal crossed the Alps with his elephants in his war with Rome. I always wondered how he could do that with all the ice and snow. The answer is he couldn’t- today. But he could back then during the warmer period when the glaciers were much smaller and not as much snow. History is just so inconvenient for climate alarmists.

      • Robert Rust says:

        Most of “history” is a lie, written by the parasite that owns and runs Mod Civ as a profit-making business corporation. Hannibal and his elephants and the Roman Empire are all manufactured stories posed as history. We heard the lie repeated with the Napoleon fable too, another parasite from the family and full of fakery and false history. But your point stands with Greenland, a slightly warmer climate at that time allowed for more ice free coastal areas in the far south, but not much ice reduction overall relative to the entire icecap covering Greenland, amounting to about 1 million cubic miles. Only the Earth’s crustal displacements can change that, and will soon, making it even bigger over the next 10,000 years.

  4. MrGrimNasty says:

    The first extreme heat warning in the UK was issued days after they created it! It’s pure propaganda, just as they started naming depressions like hurricanes.

    There have been 2 distinct wind droughts in July 2021, by the end it looks like more than 1 day in 3 will have had negligible wind power production.

    It was warm, mostly nudging either side of 30C in a lot of places. Heathrow did actually reach 32.2C(90F).

    Northern Ireland broke their fairly old record 3 times, lifted from 30.8C to 31.4C finally, so technically NI was briefly hotter than the infamous 1976 – but England was nowhere near 1976 or a record.

  5. Paul Homewood says:

    I was at the men’s semi final in 1970!!

    I bunked off work to watch Roger Taylor v Ken Rosewall

  6. Max Beran says:

    Article that should appeal to Tony in the July issue of Weather magazine. It’s the story of 200 years of thunderstorm observations in Oxford. Points that should appeal include: (a) uniqueness of dataset; (b) no evident trend; (c) extraordinary 3-year period from 1924-26 which could repay Tony’s famous ability to search out contemporary newspaper reports. With regard to (b), the article itself (by a very level-headed meteorologist, Stephen Burt) makes no reference to global warming or climate change which is itself a rarity with any article these days especially one involving long-term data. If you google on climate change and thunder, there are myriad articles pushing the point of a positive association past and especially future. One wonders would the article have been so silent on the matter if there was any sort of uptick in thunderstorm frequency.

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