Extreme Heat Warning In The UK

UK Issues First Ever Extreme Heat Warning as Nation Swelters in Heatwave

Temperatures in London got up to a terrifying 88 degrees.

Yesterday’s UK Extremes – New Forest Weather

Britain’s hottest summer occurred 45 years ago, near the peak of the ice age scare.

Looking back at the record-breaking 1976 UK summer heatwave where temperatures soared to almost 36C

Green energy is producing about 1% of the UK’s electricity needs.

National Grid: Live Status

Boris says every home in the UK will be powered by wind, which is currently producing 0.6% of UK electricity.

Boris Johnson: Offshore wind to power every home in country by 2030

London was 100 degrees on August 9, 1911.

29 Aug 1930 – DEATHS REPORTED. – Trove

28 Aug 1930, Page 1 – The Bend Bulletin at Newspapers.com

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16 Responses to Extreme Heat Warning In The UK

  1. Richard says:

    Boris is reaching of re-election by telling the UK masses WIND will power UK by 2030
    -in 2030 he will gone

    • Robertvd says:

      Boris is the best leader the Labour party ever had. The UK has just one party now. The UK political system is 100% corrupt.

  2. Jeremy says:

    The UK Met Office issues warnings most weeks on something or another. Be it rain, snow, fog, heat, thunder & lightening with lists of possible consequences.

    They’ve been doing it for some years following complaints they failed to warning the public of some previous weather situation, and were widely criticized. It’s a monster.

  3. will FORD says:

    limeys are as bad as frogs

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    “for someone who specializes in heat” kind of like Kerry who specializes in oceans consuming light. Is thermodynamics too big of a word for experts on global warming?

  5. Ian says:

    The Met office issue warnings about practically everything these days ,no one takes any notice, soon they will be issuing warnings on extreme drizzle! As for Boris Johnson ,full of hot air, perhaps he is the one who will be powering all those turbines !

  6. arn says:

    “Summer 2021 will mark a turning point in how heat is seen by the public”

    Let me translate:”We are going to introduce a new level of indoctrination and
    AGW fear mongering,to scare the public so much that they will start to accept that from now on every of the mill heat wave that happened thousand times in britain will be considered a unique record breaking armageddon”

    An even more important thing that can be read between the line is,that they already know that all MSM and experts will accept this new fear standard like minions and that there will be no resistance at all.
    I am so grateful that the superior übermensch Chloe Brimicombe told us primitive peasants who are not as equal as she is what the new standard of political climate correctness is.

    And i wonder why everyone is so obsessed with the year (agenda) 2030.
    Boris Johnsons energy agenda goes perfect along with AOC’s end of the world timeline,
    though i do not know where the point is to switch to 100% renewables the day world ends.

    Another interessting logical
    flaw is:How can i replace an always producable high density energy supply
    with unreliable low energy devices which only exist (and are affordable) because of cheap traditional energy that is used to produce them?
    That’s like switching from a 400hp traktor to an old horse with arthritis
    (thats only still alive because of the tractors impact on food production)
    and expecting to keep the crop production on the same level.

    • Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

      Governments should require that all RE and batteries be produced without the benefit of FF, and nuclear and all mining and material processing be done without the benefit of evil FF. Also, no FF transportation anywhere along the supply chain, construction or operation.

      Additionally, the same restrictions should apply to decommissioning of all RE as applies to nuclear plants. The owners of RE sites should be required to return RE sites to the “as-found” condition, including recycling of blades and the concrete and steel underground wind generator bases.

      AOL and the extremist climate folks want to eliminate FF from our civilization. Let them lead the way by eliminating FF from the process to go 100% CO2 free.

      Individually, AOL and green new deal supporters should eliminate all FF power and products made from oil, gas and coal from their lives — NOW!

      As they often preach to us, the uninformed, they should “walk the talk.”

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The UK Met office is now issuing extreme heat warnings above 25 C.

    Met Office extreme heat warning: How hot does it have to be for an extreme heat warning? (Daily Express, 20 July)

    This gaslighting would be funny if it wasn’t so mendacious.

  8. czechlist says:

    Just a “color” alert; no name.? How passe. Haven’t the limeys learned anything from thier former colonies? Named weather events strike un-natural fear into hoi polloi. With so many potentially devestating events, the National Weather Service will eventually have to add Greek letters to named storms in order to distinguish them. Katrina Alpha is devastating the Midwest with a blistering 95 degree heatwave! Thousands in peril from anthropogenic climate change! NYT recommends homes with A/C have power curtailed.
    HL Mencken was prescient.

  9. Robert B says:

    I remember a cousin from Germany visiting me in Australia. We left a liquid lunch into 104 F heat. I said (making sure we drank some water as well ) that it’s 40 C, but a dry wind is blowing and your sweat keeps you cool. Stay out of the sun and it’s quite comfortable.

    Not sure anyone has looked at me with such suspicion of my sanity in my whole life.

    Just depends on what you are use to.

  10. Linda says:

    This got me thinking about the hottest English summer I can remember. In 1976 we were melting, and it seemed to go on for ever.
    I looked it up and this is what I found. Still not a record but hotter than now.
    “For the next 15 days, (23rd June to 7th July) the temperature reached 32c (90f) and this was another record. Nothing had been seen like this since records began. On the 3rd of July, the temperature reached 35.9c at Cheltenham racecourse and 35.6c at Mayflower Park in Southampton.”

  11. Robertvd says:

    The curious thing is that most heat waves are provoked by COLD lows coming further down south then normal pushing hot air further south then normal.
    Also curious is that nobody talks about the colder air than normal on the other side of the cold bubble and in the bubble itself. Ever heard of a cold wave in the Sahara on the news ?
    And the rain over Germany 2 weeks ago was because of such a cold bubble.

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