Government Climate Extremes

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6 Responses to Government Climate Extremes

  1. arn says:

    Funny that the climate extreme index started the extremes (neo AGW climate-)
    when the ace age scare ende.

    Before the 1980ies it seems that man made co2 simply did not work as catalyst for warming.
    But around the 1930ies the (almost) non existent man made co2 seemed to work very well.
    Co2 is such a capricious diva
    causing unpredictable results.

  2. gregole says:

    It’s fraud pure and simple. The thermometer data for the US is readily available. Go check it yourself if you doubt this is pure government fraud.

  3. Eddi De Wolf says:

    Dear Tony,

    which version of the US Climate Assessment report did you use in the vid? 2014, 2018…?
    So many thanks for your tremendous efforts.


  4. The only thing that’s truely extreme is climate alarmism.

  5. Robert Rust says:

    Yet another war against humanity in the endless profiteering and subjugation campaigns that the parasite clan has been increasingly running for the last 6000 years when it got its start as the inbreeding, self-isolating, society-infiltrating, lie- and propaganda-spreading, profiteering, racketeering, warmongering, world trading Phoenicians of the coastal Levant, creating its humanity-enslaving Modern Civilization corporate business empire. Fortunately, within its first year, Earth’s imminent crustal displacement will crush the parasite and its Mod Civ’s life out, taking lost, confused, and conquered modern humanity with it.

  6. Windsong says:

    The NOAA temperature graph sure has some wiggle-room terminology on it. The “normal” reference may mean “average.” Notice the spread of 10.78% Above Mean to 9.88% Below Mean is not as scary as the colorful bars. Also, the uptick in the mid-1990’s corresponds to the addition of AccuWeather’s RealFeel temperature reports. Possibly some intern at NOAA calculated the numbers for RealFeel instead of from historical datasets.

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