Suppose You Were A Member Of Congress

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  1. Pogo says:

    Talking of Congress and useful idiots. A year and a half ago, a Congressional committee made a big effort to censor climate information. Here’s one link pertaining to YT.

    However, Congressman Schiff has gotten around the 1st Amendment by threatening YT with Section 230 (and in so doing it appears that he has censored, reporting of his censoring).

    Although his censorship is aimed at Covid 19, it could equally be applied to Climatology. Please make as many other people aware, that whilst fighting our own corner we need to take active steps to join hand with others fighting theirs.

    It keeps crossing my mind that these ‘leaders’ forget or ignore the lessons of history that show, when a dictator finally archives full control, he gets rid of all the useful idiots (like themselves) that wittingly or unwittingly got him there. It is the ultimate in stupidity to circumvent any hard won democratic process. Fortunately, more people are realizing that the real reason for lock-downs is to prevent us talking to each other and comparing notes, from which we can plan unified actions to depose these despots. They are gutting every facet of our civilization. Please, keep on doing and emailing etc., everything you can to get information to those that are currently social isolated. And remember, nothing can happen, unless oneself, displaces fear and takes action at every opportunity.

  2. Clayton says:

    Tony can you please watch this video and do a video about this topic please.
    It’s a video about the military admitting back in 199 that by 2025 they will own the weather. Here is the link.

    You should reach out to Brian and do a live call in show, help spread your words.
    Thank you Tony, for all that you do :)

  3. Mark says:

    I wonder where asphalt comes from?
    Guess the greens need to walk everywhere!

     The National Asphalt Pavement Association represents the interests of the asphalt
    pavement producer and paving contractor on the national level.
     The Association, which counts more than 1,100 companies as its members, was founded in
     NAPA supports an active research program designed to answer questions about
    environmental issues and to improve the quality of asphalt pavements and paving
    techniques used in the construction of roads, streets, highways, parking lots, airports, and
    environmental and recreational facilities.
    Asphalt Pavement
     Asphalt pavement refers to any paved road surfaced with asphalt.
     Asphalt pavement material is a combination of approximately 95 percent stone, sand, or
    gravel bound together by asphalt cement.
     Asphalt pavement material is produced at a mixing facility known as an asphalt plant where
    the aggregates and asphalt cement are heated, mixed according to precise engineering
    formulas, and loaded into trucks for transport to the paving site.
    Scope and Scale of the Industry
     The U.S. has roughly 3,500 asphalt production sites and produces about 350 million metric
    tons per year.
     Of the 2.6 million miles of paved roads in the U.S., over 94 percent are surfaced with
     There is approximately 18 billion tons of asphalt pavement on America’s roads.
     Between 85 and 90 percent of all runways at the nation’s 3,364 commercial airports are
    surfaced with asphalt pavement.
     Over 90 percent of the parking areas are surfaced with asphalt pavement.

  4. Dave (hotwire) says:

    Please read this Tony.
    I have just discovered that google are deleting all your emails on my account. This kind of censorship is scary. I’ve been receiving your email reminds for a couple of years and a week or so ago they disappeared. None gone.

    • Richard says:

      even scary was 20 prominent climate alarmists when to Obama and asked that those who speak out against Climate Change should be put in Jail under Rico act

  5. scott allen says:

    As usual Tony you’re are correct.

    In the first place the building was built on reclamed land (aka: a swamp).

    In the second place the sea level in Miami is not rising, the land is sinking.

    A FIU professor (who authored the study) talked about the land subsidence shortly after the building collapsed. But have not seen anything on the MSM after the first day.
    His study that showed the land subsides about 2mm per year in the at area.

    According to NOAA the sea level rise in Miami is about 2.4 mm a year. which accounts for most of the sea level rise.

  6. kzvx says:

    CNN: The LEAST trusted name in news

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