The Climate Shell Game

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  1. Richard says:

    Joe could not fix his Depends without Jill

    The Real Inconvenient Truth: It’s Warming: but it’s Not CO2: The case for human-caused global warming and climate change is based on lies, deceit, and manipulation Paperback – January 9, 2019
    More CO2 and warming causes plants to GROW- go figure

    and USG continues to promote corn to ethanol at 2 times food production, when ethanol burns, it reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, water and heat.

  2. Don B says:

    Tony –

    Yesterday evening, July 28, Denver’s Channel 9 (NBC) reported that Colorado’s temperature had risen 2 degrees in the last 30 years. This was their introduction to a series of reports they intend to give.

    I searched for their assertion on their website, but did not find it.

  3. Berry Weldon says:

    Visited Long Beach ca yesterday. Lovely day at the marina a little time on the water. During my visit an alert was published on the local emergency network to cell phones warning that Wuhan flu numbers were spiking in Long Beach and everyone should proceed immediately to get the fauci jab. wowers these folks are serious.
    BUT the main note for this comment was an article on the front page of the “Log” a local rag that publishes current events in the area.
    The front page in BOLD article was NASA reporting that there will be coastal flooding by 2030. More generous lies and fabrications by another govt arm using scare tactics to burden the citizenry. Who’s next? BW

  4. Dr Roger Higgs (geologist) says:

    Another superb analysis, thanks Tony.

  5. Mark Fisher says:

    To whom does one address an invitation to Tony Heller make a compensated presentation to a public group? I cannot seem to easily find a snail mail or other address. No physical address necessary … an agent or other method would be fine.

    And as always, your short, concise treatments are great. Of course it makes watching the propaganda offerings ponderous beyond toleration but that’s not your fault.

  6. It illustrates the level of brainwashing, when even internally inconsistent narratives are swallowed as gospel truth.

  7. Spiral says:

    Hey Tony, thank you so much for your research.
    I wasn’t sure where to post this, but I hope you see it eventually. I was wondering about something that happened recently and was hoping you might have better insight or do a video on it at some point.
    There is news floating around, somewhat under the radar, about a “High-End” PC ban in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Vermont, and Hawaii. After looking into it myself (though it’s a little hard to find clear info on it) it seems like it originated from a California Energy bill that other states have chosen to join. (The bill apparently allows tech companies to take part early before it officially becomes legislation, so it seems like it’s just Dell on-board for now, but will likely be more companies in the future) One article also mentioned it being linked to the Green New Deal? Are they considering electricity a “dirty” energy source now? I’m just confused and a little worried to be honest. I work in technology, and even though it seems like people are meme-ing that the millennial gamers won’t be able to play the newer titles; since they won’t have access to these “gaming PC’s”; I have a feeling it’s bigger than that if this is actually happening.

    Powerful PC’s aren’t just used in the gaming industry, it’s also automotive, architectural, preventative solutions, general innovative as well as creative industries. Very broad use. But in the studies linked in these articles, they mention that consoles are exempt from the ban even though their energy usage is almost double when compared to PC’s? I can’t confirm whether those studies are true, but regardless, my brain went here:
    Consoles are more single use as media hubs; connected to everyone’s subscription services, TV, news, and yes, games. Lot’s of big names connected to those services, and it’s a piece of intake technology, rather than tech that allows people to output back into the world like a PC. My thought process is that they could be banning based off of what makes companies more money, versus what we can use to innovate and move society forward. All the while somehow linking it to climate? It’s just odd.

    Also, bitcoin mining is absolutely a thing, but people who choose to get into that typically aren’t buying pre-built PC’s. Some of my coworkers are worried that this is just the first step into something worse; like banning components won’t be far behind, so people won’t even be able to build a PC to the specs that they’re looking for. I worry about regression starting in these states that won’t have access to these new technologies. However, this is just a red-flag that I might be overthinking, or under-researching. I could absolutely be wrong about how far I think this is going to go in the future. I do hope I’m wrong.
    Your two-cents on this topic would be very much appreciated from your electrical engineering & environmentalist expertise.
    Thank you again for all your work!

  8. Michael Russell says:

    How do I access the National Climate Assessment data, including data that goes back to the early 1900’s.

    Thank you.

  9. Richard says:

    Reduce population is a good thing- do it now & plan doing it or it will come down to forced population reduction
    John Horse Face Kerry is the dumbest lying POS in DC

    again when DC tells all its about the Environment its means its ALL about the money

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