What Really Controls The Climate?

Record hot downslope winds along the Pacific Coast in 1859 coincided with the largest solar storm ever recorded.

29 Jun 1859, 4 – The Sacramento Bee at Newspapers.com

13 Jun 1877, Page 2 – San Francisco Chronicle at Newspapers.com

13 Aug 1859, 2 – Pointe Coupee Democrat at Newspapers.com

A few weeks after the record heat in 1859 came the largest Coronal Mass Ejection on record.

14 Sep 1859, Page 1 – The Louisville Daily Courier at Newspapers.com

06 Sep 1859, Page 2 – Brooklyn Evening Star at Newspapers.com

31 Aug 1859, 1 – The Cadiz Sentinel at Newspapers.com

A similar effect this year also coincided with a series of large solar storms.

Pacific Northwest braces for historic heat wave, and experts say climate change could be to blame – ABC News

Ventusky – Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps

Sun erupts the biggest flare in four years, causes radio blackout over Atlantic – SCIENCE News

Massive solar storm set to hit Earth: GPS, phone signals to be damaged, power grids vulnerable – SCIENCE News

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18 Responses to What Really Controls The Climate?

  1. arn says:

    And only 3 years later
    the great flood happened(1862)as result of 40 days rain and 3m rainfall in california.
    Probably as result of man made climate disruption :)
    I guess the >350 ppm co2 made the climate so perfect.

    And such climate extremes were so rare that the natives knew that sacremento
    valley used to turn into a lake on a regular basis.

    But all this is nothing compared to 2 hot days in June in the AGW era.

  2. Chris Higginson says:

    Thank you for this.
    Suspicious Observers site is in complete accord with you.

  3. Robert L Gipson says:

    The 1859 reports mention cattle. Well, there you go. It was unquestionably brief global warming due to cow farts.

    • arn says:

      Just like co2 the cow farts were harmless before the 1980ies.
      And as co2 the cow farts have to be man made to have an apocalyptic effect,
      otherwise all the quadrillion of farts by trillions of animals during hundreds of millions of years would have turned earth into a fireball long time ago
      (except all those animals did not fart before the 1980ies)

      And we can consider ourselves super-superlucky
      that insects do not produce any kind of gases.
      Considering that they make up most of the biomass on earth among animals and
      that they reproduce themselves superfast and in huge numbers they would have destroyed our atmosphere long time ago.
      But i’m pretty sure insects will remain irrellevant (&taxfree) to climate –
      we start producing them for food.

      • Disillusioned says:

        “(except all those animals did not fart before the 1980ies)”

        Well, the hippy generation loosened the rules about such things. Now, cows will just poot whenever and wherever they please – with no regard for Victorian rules of etiquette. IOW, Leftist pot smokers are responsible for Climate Change. …

        Okay, okay it’s absurd. But just as logical as blaming CO2, which follows temperature changes. ;)

        • arn says:

          Well,the hippie generation were the first result/victim
          of artificial MSM social engineering (there is a video of talkmaster david silver from 1967 where a “hippie” clarifies “We are marxists,not hippies.
          Hippie is a term made up by the media)
          and the base of everything woke today
          and that you can come up with any stupid crap((burn your bras)) and enough morons will believe it..

  4. fruitloops says:

    Hi Tony, Glad to see you’re delving into real forcing as opposed to simply revealing the fraud behind bogus CO2 forcing. May I suggest readers search “Suspicious Observers”, Ben does a good job of presenting solar forcing to the public.

  5. Think Vlad gave Green Traitor Kerry his War Service Medals that he threw at the Capital
    for what?
    More Ketchup Contracts
    Or his Vote for Climate Czar of UN?

    Who else can save the World but the UN ?
    Their record is so complete with losses … what have they won??? Started with Israel … success? Name 1 ….

  6. rah says:

    SIDC says it’s quiet now both on the sun and for geomagnetic conditions here on earth.

    “INFO FROM SIDC – RWC BELGIUM 2021 Jul 14 12:30UTC

    Solar activity was at very low levels, with only one B-class flare produced
    in the last 24 hours. NOAA Active Region (AR) 2842 (Catania sunspot group
    17), and NOAA AR 2841 continued to decay. Catania sunspot group 18 has
    increased in complexity and is expected to increase its activity. For the
    next 24 hours the solar activity is expected to remain low with a small
    change of a C-class flare.

    A back-sided halo CME was detected in the last 24 hours, but it is not
    expected to be Earth-directed.

    The greater than 10 MeV proton flux was at nominal levels over the past 24
    hours and is expected to remain so for the next 24 hours. The greater than
    2 MeV electron flux remained below the 1000 pfu alert threshold and is
    expected to remain below this level during the next 24 hours. The 24h
    electron fluence was at nominal levels and is expected to remain so.

    The solar wind speed was between 310 and 370 km/s during the last 24 hours.
    The total magnetic field varied between 1 and 12 nT in the last 24 hours.
    The Bz was predominantly negative during the last 24 hours, with values
    varying between 3 and -8 nT. The interplanetary magnetic field phi angle
    varied between positive and negative values during the last 24 hours. The
    solar wind conditions are expected to continue to reflect a slow solar wind
    regime for the next 24 hours.

    Geomagnetic conditions were quiet both globally (NOAA Kp index 1) and
    locally (K Dourbes 0-2) over the past 24 hours. They are expected to remain
    quiet for the next 24 hours.”

  7. rah says:

    It appears that those few experts that have been predicting a Grand Solar Minimum are going to wrong. Cycle 25 is ramping up about like expected. Most seem to think that Cycle 25 will be muted as was Cycle 24.


    Who knows really? I guess the “experts” feel they have to make such predictions but I really don’t put much stock in their accuracy.

  8. John Gammer says:

    Hey Tony,
    My daughter in law sent me a brief video clip done by PBS Digital Studios called “This is all just part of a natural cycle, right?” It is narrated by Katharine Hayho in a series called “Global Wierding” Would you please critique her presentation of the facts and take note of her “climate change” persuation. It seems to have been developed for indoctrinating children.

  9. S.K. says:

    Judith Curry penned a short climate summary that is worth reading.

    • As always, Prof Curry hits the nail firmly on the head. Naive transient response modelling of one-off events teaches us very little about the behaviour of an extremely complex climate system. This contains a vast number of potential modes, at least some of which will be near to the excitation frequencies of external disturbances, and will be in a near resonance state. The fluctuation in the solar constant was dismissed as too small to have any effect by those with the computer game mentality. What this ignores is the fact that it is cyclic and maintained for billions of years. An opera singer can shatter a wine glass with her voice by hitting and sustaining the right note, yet the time series response to a one-off sound wave is negligible.

  10. RR says:

    The Sac Bee article is a great find.
    BTW: The NWS’s official Santa Barbara high temp for June 17 is 96 degrees set in 1957 at the airport, which is just west of the city. 133-96=37.

  11. Gary P says:

    I assume we are looking at Svenmark’s hypothesis that high solar activity greatly reduces high energy cosmic rays that create nucleation sites for water droplets so we get less clouds. Day and night temperature variation here in MN is about 25°F. Dang the sun heats us up in a hurry.

    Nothing feels better than a cloud moving overhead on a hot sunny day. Yes I will buy into the hypothesis that we could see immediate effects from solar storms. I looked at the Oulo neutron monitor but the data is two weeks old. I think we need about a dozen more neutron monitoring stations as this hypothesis would need local data to compare to local heat waves.

  12. Caleb Shaw says:

    I’m really glad you brought up this historical event, Tony. I was unaware it occurred until just recently, when Joe Bastardi brought it up, in a discussion of the heat wave that hit the Pacific northwest. It may be a very unusual event, but people need to be aware it is in the realm of possibilities.

    Can you imagine the chaos which would occur if such heat reoccurred? Even with heat at lesser levels, the poorer people often flee to a Walmart to escape the heat of Santa Anna winds, because they can’t afford air conditioning. However 134 degrees would overwhelm the California power grid, especially in its current condition, and a Walmart would offer no escape.

    If 134 degrees could kill cows in 1859 it could also kill people. There were far fewer people in California in 1859, many millions fewer, and likely they were in better physical shape, with fewer overweight people around. We could be talking about a horrific death toll, for apparently the 1859 event lasted three days.

    Americans are not used to such high numbers; we are appalled by hundreds, but China and India have seen calamities with death tolls in the hundreds of thousands. We think we are too modern, too scientific, too educated to suffer in such a horrible manner, but the sheer stupidity of leftist policies negates those advantages. It could happen here.

    It is important to state beforehand what history shows us can happen. I am always telling people in New England how devastating the 1938 hurricane was. If people don’t know what history teaches, they have a tendency to blame in a crazy manner, and even to burn innocent people as “witches”, when events reoccur. But if we warn them what happened in the past, they have no one to blame but themselves, for they failed to prepare, and also elected idiots who failed to prepare.

    Moving slightly off topic, I just posted an especially long winded essay at my obscure site, which might interest you. It supposedly is about arctic sea-ice, but I have a habit of digressing miles off topic. The end of part 2 might interest you, for I compare Bill Gray to Galileo, and Al Gore to the foolish Pope who got so mad at Galileo for stating he had discovered Jupiter had moons.

    The post is 20,000 words long, and only fools rush in, but the end of Part three might interest you as well. It has NRL maps of an interesting hole that melted in the artic sea-ice and persisted for roughly two months. It makes no sense in terms of winds pulling ice apart and crashing it together again, and I think it is likely due to a sea-bottom eruption on the sea-floor Gakkel Ridge. Other holes have briefly appeared in the sea-ice, but this one was far more lasting. I think it must irk the bleep out of Alarmists, because they don’t want to hear any talk about anything melting sea-ice but CO2.

    There were all sorts of earthquakes on the Gakkel Ridge in 1999, and surprising increases in gasses like methane and even helium in the arctic above, and some scientist thought it might be interesting to send an unmanned submersible down to take a look. It took until 2007 to get the funding, but when they took a look they got very excited. There was evidence of big-bang eruptions, and science at that time said such explosive eruptions were impossible under such deep-sea pressure. (CO2 is a liquid under such pressure.) They were having a wonderful time thinking about how such theoretically-impossible deep-sea eruptions could have exploded volcanic glass miles from the undersea-craters, when the discussion suddenly dwindled away. There has been little talk of undersea arctic volcanoes since 2007. I assume the powers-that-be have no interest in funding anything that suggests there may be any reason sea-ice melts besides CO2.

    They may be able to silence scientists, but they cannot silence Truth. Truth is 134 degree heat in California. Truth is 188 mph winds in the 1938 hurricane not far from Boston. And Truth is volcanoes becoming very active in a time like the “Dalton Minimum”, when the sun became a so-called “Quiet Sun”. (The sun may produce fewer sunspot yet still burst amazing flares.)

    These are very weird times we are living through, but continue to stand by the Truth, and the Truth will stand by you.

    Here’s a link to my 20,000 word post. (I really need an editor.)


  13. D. Boss says:

    Pretty tenuous correlation or coincidence…. Weather happening in advance of a flare or CME?

    The light from a flare or CME takes 8 minutes to reach earth. The particle streams from a CME can take from 15 hours to several days.


    There is space weather monitoring info on some sites…


  14. Robertvd says:

    Death toll climbs in western Germany flooding — live updates

    German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said climate action was needed to prevent such catastrophes in the future.

    “Only if we take up the fight against climate change decisively, we will be able to prevent we will be able to keep extreme weather conditions such as those we are experiencing,” Steinmeier said.


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