Biden’s Incompetence Caused By Climate Change

2:15 PM · Aug 20, 2021

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17 Responses to Biden’s Incompetence Caused By Climate Change

  1. GeologyJim says:

    Grasping at straws – must be another mindless meme from Climate Communication Now

    Photo shows large fresh landslide – not exactly tied to “Climate Change” in the real world. All that bright green grass failed to hold the slope together, so there ya go!

  2. rah says:

    Get your hip boots or waders out of the closet and be prepared to climb up on the roof because Joe just forecast that there is likely to be a tremendous storm surge of climate change excrement.

    Anything that happens along the I-95 corridor is always worse than if it happened anywhere else and that goes double when it happens in the NYC area where the “News” Networks are headquartered.

    Good distraction from dementia Joe and his abandonment of US citizens to the tender mercies of a bunch of illiterate donkey bonking Islamic extremists.

  3. rah says:

    You know the thing is that anyone paying even a little attention knew Joe Biden has never been presidential material. Not even on his best day. And now we have to listen to the same insufferable buffoons that did their best to get him in the oval office trash him as if they actually have some credibility. It is sickening.

  4. rah says:

    Very unusual. Medal of Honor recipients generally avoid politics. They understand that they represent the heroes, many of which never survived and even those that will remain unknown. So they generally avoid getting into politics or situations that may reflect poorly on them and thus the symbol which has been bestowed upon them.

    But now TWO recipients, one an Army Ranger and another a Marine, have spoken out condemning this government and it’s actions in Afghanistan that brought on this crisis. The Marine was just on FOX News telling how the wife and child of a current active duty Marine was beaten trying to get to the airport.

  5. Terry Shipman says:

    My grumpiness in the morning before I’ve had my coffee is caused by CLIMATE CHANGE and not from me needing caffeine. We of the Woke know these things.

  6. arn says:

    Finally a group of people that officially benefits from co2.
    Though crazy conspiracy theorists may claim that it was once again the USA that helped the taliban just as they did with operation cyclon( a cyclon:) that was not caused by AGW as it happened during the ice age scare when the taliban were the muschahein) and many times since then

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Climate Change is a panacea, similar to witchcraft of olden days, to explain anything that you lack the intelligence or mental discipline to sort out. For starters, one might ask why the Taliban swooped in to help these people and the Afghan government did not. And then there is the little issue of drought and flooding, going hand in hand. Drought never happened before. Flooding never happened before. Islamic fanaticism never happened before – say 1400 years ago.
    The good news is that everyone except those of the dimmest intellect grow skeptical of the endless barrage of things caused by climate change. The dog keeps eating the homework.

  8. Robertvd says:

    And who is financing the Taliban ?

    Who are the wizards behind the curtain ?

  9. kzvx says:

    ‘Drought and extreme flooding’? Which is it

  10. James Henry says:

    I’m just shocked that it took a few days to blame climate change. Would have expected it to come sooner than that.

  11. Russell Cook says:

    At least the mainstream media has been consistent on blaming a variety of political uprisings and unrest on global warming, give ’em credit for continuing that line of wacko rationale.

  12. Walt Lafford says:

    It is surprising that while all this climate change was going on in Afghanistan that the Taliban was having a bumper crop of poppies the last 10 years to provide the world with cheap heroin, must be the benefit of all that extra CO2 in the atmosphere.

  13. Peter Carroll says:

    Nah. Not right. The last time the Indus River in Pakistan flooded vast tracts of the country, Pakistan blamed Afghanistan. It was all the Afghan’s fault, for causing so much rain.
    The flooding had absolutely nothing to to with the corrupt siphoning off of money from flood mitigation projects, and climate change was never mentioned.

  14. Infidel says:

    Incompetence always finds excuses!

    Can’t wait for the real Great Reset, the reset of the ballooning greed of big business and exponentially growing power of the state!

  15. Torgo says:

    I would love to be proven wrong on this, but I would wager that a large majority of these “stranded Americans” in Afghanistan are radical Marxist leftists who are loyal to what some call “The Rainbow Empire”, and that they despise most normal Americans and call us Deplorables. One would think that Americans who prioritize Americans would be in America helping Americans instead of in Afghanistan helping Afghans. Am I missing something here?

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