Ice Doesn’t Lie, But Climate Scientists Do

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3 Responses to Ice Doesn’t Lie, But Climate Scientists Do

  1. G W Smith says:


  2. Robert Rust says:

    All governments, corporations, education systems, science and entertainment/arts organizations, media, and the rest of the societal institutions of modern civilization are going along and cooperating with each other in establishing this global warming hoax upon humanity, revealing that theses institutes are owned, controlled, and run by one mafia-structured, racketeering, profiteering, family cartel. The job-dependent human workers go along because it they don’t, they don’t get paid, which means they don’t get to eat. This is one means by which the parasite clan works, controlling the economy of the world by basing it on profiteering and racketeering and then using its local, national, and world media, entertainment, science, and related societal institutes systems to propagate its lies, leaving humanity with comparably microscopically-tiny ability and opportunity to spread truth amongst the parasite-brainwashed masses.

    The only way to save the life of humanity is for the properly-protecting, axe-carrying male woodsman of humanity standing up and fulfilling his responsibility by chopping the head off of the predatory, parasitic wolf that has invaded the home of humanity and killed its most vulnerable ones, grandma and female child, following the original story that wasn’t watered down by the parasite clan. Anything less means humanity goes extinct.

  3. Hank Buser says:

    Tony you need to Write ‘ the Climate Change Scam’ book. It would sell like hotcakes. Chapters could be 1) Temperatures over the ages 2) Ice and Sea levels, etc.

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