Man-Made Sea Level Rise

In 1988, NASA’s James Hansen told the US Senate that global warming had begun.

Global Warming Has Begun, Expert Tells Senate – The New York Times

He said Lower Manhattan would be underwater by 2018 and that you wouldn’t be able to get a glass of water in New York restaurants because of the permanent drought.

Stormy weather – Global warming –

NOAA issued six different “scenarios” for sea level rise.

CO-OPS Technical Report

Lower Manhattan is below the “Low Scenario” and sea level is rising there at the same rate it was 150 years ago.

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

This graph shows the difference between rapid natural sea level rise and imaginary man-made sea level rise.

File:Post-Glacial Sea Level.png – Wikimedia Commons

One thousand years ago, King Knut took his subjects to the sea to show them that government doesn’t control sea level.  Unfortunately we don’t have politicians that intelligent any more.

Hansen was correct about one thing however.  You can’t get a glass of water in a Manhattan restaurant any more.

N.Y.C. to Require Proof of At Least 1 Dose for Indoor Dining – The New York Times

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