Saving The Climate With Soy

“The Yarra City Council is urging residents to do their bit in tackling “the climate crisis” by adopting a vegetarian diet. The council will also look to traditional Aboriginal land management practices to fight climate change and wants to “decolonise” the urban landscape with native plants, some specifically to encourage bats. It is urging residents to “act on the climate emergency” by moving towards a plant-based diet, using active and public transport, “consuming resources consciously”, and shifting their banking and superannuation away from fossil fuel investments — to bring the municipality back from “the precipice of climate and ecological collapse”. It says a major source of emissions which are not captured in the municipal emissions inventory are those associated with food consumed within Yarra. “It is widely understood that a shift to plant-based diets is critical in responding to the climate emergency”, the plan notes.”

Melbourne’s Yarra City Council demands residents switch to plant-based diets to stop climate change | Daily Mail Online

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20 Responses to Saving The Climate With Soy

  1. No references cited, so that the policy can be criticized. Dr Widely Understood of the University of Well Known Fact, has published ‘substantial evidence’, so ‘substantial’ in fact that none of the substance of the evidence is actually presented.

    I doubt if any of the councilors actually believe a word of it, but they probably do believe that the electorate does. Forty years of repeating the lies and dumbing down the public to suppress questioning of it, plus the demonizing of anybody who talks sense, mean the councilors’ beliefs are well founded.

  2. arn says:

    The most disturbing thing is that this climate emergency plan was passed unanimously considering that there is no climate emergency .

    • D. Boss says:

      It may be disturbing but should not at all be surprising when you consider we are all just talking monkeys – and that “monkey see, monkey do” program deep in our evolutionary DNA can overcome the higher functions of reason so easily.

      • arn says:

        Well Yes,
        but monkeys use to elect monkeys with less monkeyish? behavior into councils etc, to avoid unanimous decisions on crazy things.

        So i would have expected a bit more from council members.

        • Not really. Jane Goodall observed that the leader of a group of chimps was the one who kicked up the most fuss. Chimps like a quiet life, so give in to extreme petulance. I don’t think human societies are much different.

  3. Michael L Dee says:

    So, they want to save the bats? Yet they put up Wind Turbines to chop the little critters into ant food.


    Why has the Anglosphere gone so badly stupid?

    • arn says:

      They need to save the bats so they can later blame them for the virus they create in a lab.
      (and it would be interesting to know how impactful the sound of windmills
      is to them?I get the feeling that whalrs are not the only ones suffering from green new dealers)

  4. oeman50 says:

    Unmitigated virtue signaling with an imaginary impact on the climate.

  5. Terry Shipman says:

    I plan on doing my part to mitigate the horrors of climate change by sequestering as much of the carbon (and future methane emissions) produced by cattle and poultry in my belly as possible. I can be secure in the knowledge that every bite I take will help stop the seas from rising, the glaciers from melting, the polar bears from starving…

    • Disillusioned says:

      I support your plan, which has been working retroactively. Most polar bear populations have been rising, and glacial melt is about the same as it has always been, with no signs, according to tide gauges, that the seas have stepped up their rise rates.

      Keep up the good work. I am right there with you.

  6. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I think anyone who lives and uses our modern conveniences is obligated to burn fossil fuels to make up for the “carbon” they remove from the air by using plastics, wood and other materials which will not return CO2 to the air. It’s their moral obligation to provide sustainability for plant life 2 million years into the future.
    That said, if I lived in one of those suburbs, I would have to set my grill up in the front yard and grill steaks and sausages daily.

  7. Bob G says:

    I am thrilled that Melbourne is doing their part, however little the impact, to save our planet from the ravages of man-made climate change. never mind that only 10% of the world’s population lives in the southern hemisphere, with a population density of about 8 people per square mile, Melbourne is taking steps to make sure those eight people don’t overheat their square mile. 🙂

  8. shempus says:

    “It is widely understood that a shift to plant-based diets is critical in responding to the climate emergency”, the plan notes.” ummm, not so. It is however widely understood that anyone gullible enough to buy into this k r a p should be prevented from pro-creating.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Your wish has come true. Female Vegans stop having their periods, and don’t gain them back until they give up on their all-plant, emaciating diets and begin healing their bodies by eating chiefly beef, eggs and animal fats. I have listened to many testimonials from former vegans. Anecdotal, sure. But at some point anecdotes become data when they are replicated over and over.

      BTW, Bill Gates has invested in the all-plant diet for the masses. You know Bill – he’s the one who stood on stage telling the audience how much we need to reduce the world’s population.

      • Perhaps AGW is a Darwinian scheme to rid the world of the insufferably sanctimonious. Presumably the beliefs of Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil protesters discourages them from having children, to the great relief of the rest of us.

        • Disillusioned says:

          Ironic it is the terminally sanctimonious who seem to fall into the traps laid by top-down propaganda and the fads du jour.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Bingo. You better believe the elite are dining on the fatted calf, while simultaneously working to cull the masses with fake meat and plants.

  9. As an Australian, I must comment that it seems that for some ‘down under’ that being upside-down here must affect the mentality. Mind you: It seems that the good councilors enjoyed a meat-filled dinner either before or after their meeting. But then, nothing’s changed since Gilbert & Sullivan produced several most-relevant operas: “H.M.S. Pinafore’ & ‘Iolanthe’.

    In ‘H.M.S. Pinafore, Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B. sings – and in ‘Iolanthe’ the sentry sings –

    And these two sum up perfectly that nothing’s changed since those words were written almost two centuries ago in the 19th Century!

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