The Second Hottest July

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  1. Jesse1321 says:

    Phoenix on July 23-25, 2021 had highs of 83, 83, and 81F, three consecutive highs in the low 80’s, which has not happened before in records dating back to 1896.

  2. Nik Smith says:

    After the 2019 serious blackouts in London, N. York, Berlin, moguls were PANICKED & ordered lockdowns.
    GOOGLE FOUNDER Lary Page & others FLEE TO NEW ZEALAND, cheated that they will escape in case of a global blackout and chaos… The billionaires got mad & spasmodic because they don’t know that we CAN escape extinction: Earth lasers’ plasma shield CAN prevent a devastating global blackout/all nuclear plants’ blasting by asteroid explosion (as in Tunguska-1908 & Chelyabinsk-2013) or a solar storm hit! NINE times near-miss extinction so far: 1972, 1989, 2003, 2006, 2012, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021

  3. Greg Raven says:

    “We must not always judge of the generality of the opinion by the noise of the acclamation.”
    — Edmund Burke
    (1729-1797) Irish-born British statesman, parliamentary orator, and political thinker

  4. Ed says:

    Here is one for the debunking from Bloomberg:

    The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change delivered its latest comprehensive report, which concluded that humans have dumped enough greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to heat up the planet by 1.5°C — one of the limits set by the Paris Agreement — and atmospheric CO₂ is now at a two million-year peak.

  5. Alec says:

    Dear Mr. Tony Heller,

    Could you please investigate a hypothesis? Please read the following:

    “1/ O2 (oxygen) favours combustion
    2/ CO2 (carbon dioxyde) hinders combustion
    3/ reducing CO2 in the atmosphere increases probability and size of wildfires
    4/ maybe nature’s response to balance the atmosphere automatically is to burn forests and put more CO2 in the atmosphere, the same CO2 governments are trying to decrease.
    5/ further attempts to decrease CO2 in the atmosphere will only make the fires even worse everytime, making it a feedback loop with the human being in the loop.”

    Please let us know on your channel if you investigate this.

    Kind Regards,

  6. Monte E Seehorn says:

    I watched a high school distance runner collapse before she reached the finish line. Do you reckon that breathing your own carbon dioxide and other expelled gases instead of fresh oxygen had anything to do with it (attempt at sarcasm)? In it’s simplest explanation, we breathe oxygen for life and plants breathe carbon dioxide so it is somewhat of a balancing act. The western fires and volcanos put an unbelievable amount of carbon dioxide into the air. Why haven’t I heard about people in these areas, especially fighting the fires, dying by excess carbon dioxide? Carbon sequestration has to be one of the most ridiculous scams ever perpetrated on the public!

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