BBC : “Why are so many vaccinated people in hospital?”

Covid-19 in Wales: A third of positive cases are unvaccinated – BBC News

From the BBC article :

“The figures also showed 99% of people who tested positive for Covid in the past week in Wales were under 60. Of these, 37% were unvaccinated.”

In other words 63% of cases were vaccinated.

“Nearly 13% of hospital patients with confirmed Covid were unvaccinated.”

In other words, more than 87% of hospitalized were vaccinated.

“PHW said the vaccines had helped keep Covid hospital numbers much lower during the third wave.”

Their own graph shows that isn’t true.

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12 Responses to BBC : “Why are so many vaccinated people in hospital?”

  1. Petit_Barde says:

    What’s interesting in this article is that among 50700 estimated infected (by weekly swab survey by the ONS), 39 deaths the 7 days, which gives an estimated IFR of less than 0.08% and thus, given the vaccine efficacy of about 50% for the over 60, the IFR without vaccination would be from about 0.1% to 0.15%.

    The average flu IFR is 0.1% with vaccination.

    So, OK, vaccines may help somewhat, but what’s clear, is that the entire Planet is going bonkers for about nothing.

    • Jeffrey Brehm says:

      I still want details. Of those who tested positive, what are their symptoms? A sore throat (likely)? Or near death intubation (less likely)? No one ever says. Instead, its the 24-year-old fit track star who died of Covid that is featured by the nightly news. Well, I was once 24 myself. I know what 24-year-olds do. Was he really a closet smoker – or dope smoker? A vaper. Maybe he had venereal issues. The answer is in the details which no one is mentioning. I know people who are deathly ill from Covid. They are unvaccinated. But the breathless media claim of a Covid death of a young fit person better fits the hysteria narrative.

      Perhaps such obfuscation is why no one apparently died of the flu last year (the flu being prevented by the wearing of masks, which didn’t seem to prevent Covid). I know of two car wreck victims who were listed as Covid last year, because they had tested positive post mortem.

      I want details – honest details. If we had those, we would find that your assessment of mass-bonkerdom and general societal pussification is really spot on.

      • Theo Groenevelt says:

        The bottom line in this entire gran Global Theatre is that in EVERY COUNTRY on the planet, the Gold standard for testing (which in itself is ASSININE), is the RE PCR test. One which when cycles are pushed beyond 10 or 12, the results become 100% meaningless.

        But TESTING itself is a PILE OF BS. The idea that one can be infected with a corona virus yet show zero Symptoms is LUDICROUS. Pure Fear Porn GARBAGE. For those unaware, the Flu and the Common Cold are Also CORONA VIRUSES….Anyone here ever get the flu WITHOUT symptoms.?? or a COLD..??

        But that’s the PURE LIE that has been foisted on humanity- A Colossal FRAUD that will come to light…when REINER FUELLMICH brings his case to NUREMBERG.

  2. BRUCE CAIN says:

    Thanks to all that have read/shared my latest essay which just exceeded 5000 views. That is the largest number of views, of any essay I have written, in a period of 7 days. I will be doing another essay/video in the next week. I do enjoy writing but it is not WHY I write these days. I’m writing because the liberty of humanity, worldwide, is now in peril. As I write millions of Americans/Europeans are in jeapordy of loosing their jobs because they have chosen NOT to get the mRNA vaccine. Henry Ford Hospital, where I worked as a Systems Analyst, is about to fire thousands of American Nurses — who have refused the mRNA injection — and replace with even more foreign workers. Same thing is happening throughout the US. The administrators of our institutions are treated like demigods. Riney, the COO of Ford Hospital, gets paid 2.6 million a year — 6 times the salary of our president. And for that he treats his employess like condoms: uses them, pulls them off, ties a knot in the end of the condom and then throws them is the trash. This shit needs to stop. Ford Hospital and most corporations have been bringing in foreign workers — to replace American Workers — for decades. They seek cheap labor and like the fact that these foreign workers never question anything.

    Already millions are survieled and controlled through vaccine passports. Soon it could be every human on planet Earth. In the US Tyrant President Biden is using the Plandemic to push us toward a Globalist Slave State. And no one in globalist corporate media — including FOX News hosts Tucker or Levin — will even report that “Build Back Better” — a slogan Biden has been using since June 2020 — is the mantra of the World Economic Forum (WEF) that seeks to use the Plandemic to establish a One World Government. You may not understand this yet but humanity is now at war with a Globalist Oligarchy that consists of government leaders, corporations, Big Pharma. Never in the last 10,000 years has there ever been such a threat against humanity. Never has there been a greater reason to rise up and shut these complying businesses down. If we fail we will become nothing more than slaves on a Globalist Plantation.

    Bruce W. Cain

    The first 2 Great Globalist PsyOps of the 21st Century: 911 and the Plandemic
    How the Universal adoption of the Ivermectin Protocol will end the Plandemic

    • Rowland P says:

      That is truly frightening and confirms my concern about the possible long term effects and my decision to refuse taking this experimental medication is so far vindicated.

      Rowland, Wiltshire, England

    • arn says:

      Dude, I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist and though i believe that a huge part of population reduction will come as result of vaccine side effects
      and news viruses that will be boosted by those vaccines
      i can not believe that the vaccines can increase cancer in such a short period of time.
      I’ll rather wait for more informations to come.

  3. mwhite says:

    Have covid vaccines killed 200,000 Americans?

  4. Fred says:

    Really, Tony.
    Why are you engaging in this vaccine stuff? It’s just so out of the subject of climate fraud and what you are really competent of.
    I watched your videos from last year when you claimed with outmost certainty that “Sweden have reached heard immunity”, which was utterly wrong. Still you continue to advocate against vaccinations, which has saved my both parents from death and decease. This I know fist hand. The vaccines are working.
    I would rather hear you continuing to support more reliable climate science, which I know is needed, then see you slander yourself with anti-vaccine bullshit in the future.
    It would be better off for all of us and I support your work in the climate field.
    Thank you.

    • Walter Wagner says:

      Tony’s simply posting links, not necessarily advocating. Others do that in their comments. Most of the material others present show that vaccines can help the elderly, as per your parents.

      The problem (as per the links I posted above) comes from the young, who receive little to no benefit, but lots of potential harm, if using prophylactics instead. And it is very much a problem to have to be ‘vaccinated’ anew, if one is covid-recovered, which is essentially vaccination with the live virus, producing far better immunity.

      Yes, it is far afield from climate, but there is an underlying theme of mobocracy to both areas of interest.

  5. Linda says:

    Huge numbers, myself included, have cancelled their TV licence and will not give any more money to the BBC. Surely even ‘loyalists’ i.e. sheep, will start to question this.

    There are the plain figures in black and white, then a word salad telling them that it doesn’t mean what it says, and – “But, without the vaccine, those hospital numbers might be even higher.”

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