Coldest Winter On Record At The South Pole

2:41 PM · Oct 1, 2021

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5 Responses to Coldest Winter On Record At The South Pole

  1. Lance says:

    This of course will get lots of MSM press time………NOT

  2. Greg in NZ says:

    Surely that minus (-) in front of the number 61.1°C ought to be a plus (+), what with all this *warming* going on… doncha know the planet’s on fire! Oh wait, 1st of October (spring) and freezing FROSTS reported across both main islands of NZ. Warming causes freezing, vaxspurts say.

  3. Record Winter at “the South Pole Resort.”

    Shock le Bleu!

  4. Gamecock says:

    Records date from 1957. Amundsen and Scott left quickly after reaching the South Pole. Scott didn’t make the return alive.

    Permanent settlement dates from 1957. Our data on South Pole weather is very limited. Less than some of our lifetimes.

  5. Logic n Reason says:

    Interesting this. I follow the temperatures for n both the Arctic and Antarctic and the oar year and the Antarctic has been showing some astonishing lows which are even more staggering when you look at wind chill.

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