Building Back Better With Green Energy

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43 Responses to Building Back Better With Green Energy

  1. marciacsr says:

    How ironic this headline appears aside the co2-spewing private jet trip plans of the privileged elite leftists.

  2. arn says:

    Just the beginning.
    (of course the shortage,by some strange coincidence won’t affect the massive flow of illegals)

    Next step – shortage of food supply,especially meat is target no 1
    Restrictions for building single family houses.
    Ruin of independent smaller farmers etc to increase the movement of rural population towards cities.

    Now the question is:
    What will be the trick to force the population into compliance to accept all the crap?
    Another,more leathal virus?Probably not as the leading billionaires are very old and too vulnarable to mutations.
    I’d go with terror attacks Aaron Russo was talking about.
    Attacks on minorities to justify draconian laws as “racism” is a powerfull
    too created by tptb.
    General terror attacks to keep the overall population in fear.
    Attacks real as global warming but very effective as gladio 1&2 have proven.

  3. rah says:

    It most certainly get worse.

  4. Guirme says:

    Staying in the English Midlands tonight and we have seen big queues at petrol stations. Fortunately with its 90 miles to the gallon ( on motorways) super efficient diesel engine our car will easily get us home to Scotland. However Boris Johnson’s ludicrously over the top covid restrictions coupled with his ridiculous greenery ( how is the Arctic ice doing this year – has it disappeared yet Boris?) have set the UK on a path of self destruction. It is even worse in Scotland where we have to deal with the mad megalomaniac Sturgeon. What did we ever do to deserve such appalling and stupid politicians?

    • Cathy Norman says:

      What have we done to deserve this tyranny?
      I, for one, have not done or said enough to stop
      the demonic practices such as the sacrifice of
      children to the god molech…or the god money.
      I believe we deserve the leaders we have now.
      It will take a lot of sacrifice and suffering to return
      to sanity.

    • reg cole says:

      We turned our backs on God.

    • Rosco says:

      Apparently vote for them – if not you then someone !

    • Peter Seiznem says:

      ….your countrymen [omg countrypeople] voted for them and all the goodies they offered. When the folk realise they can just vote for free stuff and the political rubbish realise they can get elected by offering more free stuff [which they wont have to deliver]…. democracy is fully doomed. The solution is obvious.

      • Wim Vincken says:

        That’s right. They do it themselves.
        So if you want to blame someone, blame yourself. As long as you vote for those ‘people’ or ^$%***, you suffer. Simple, not?

  5. Francis Barnett says:

    This fuel crisis in the UK is caused by a shortage of trained heavy tanker truck drivers to deliver gas ( petrol in UK english) from storage depots to gas stations.
    There is no shortage of fuel, it’s just not at the gas stations.
    The shortage of drivers is the result of low wages for the work and hours away from home involved caused by european drivers who have been working for low wages who had to go back to europe after brexit, and a driver training and testing shortfall caused by Covid. It’s said that the UK is short of 100.000 drivers.
    So a lot of UK truck drivers got jobs in factories and warehouses and doing local deliveries where they get home every night.
    I can’t really see the connection with green energy here Tony.
    And the Sun newspaper is really scraping the bottom of the barrel – really downmarket!
    I’m a brit expat living in france – hence the email address.

  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    The UK shut down most of their coal-fired and nuclear power stations and bet on wind turbines (& a marginal amount of solar in summer). That meant that they relied on gas for heating and for generation when the wind didn’t blow enough. That meant increased gas usage esp. as the electricity generation method chosen used a lot more gas for the same output (about 70%) from the more efficient (and lower emissions) Closed Cycle way. The variation in wind output made the more efficient method uneconomic, and no extra capacity has been built in 10 years. On top of that they stopped drilling for more gas, banned fracking and closed down gas storage.
    This past year generation by all those wind farms has been poor, not just in the UK but also the Danish, Belgium and German turbines. Result increased demand for gas just when Asia wanted more (and were prepared to pay). The EU hasn’t helped by stuffing Russia around for political purposes – result lower supply “owing to mechanical problems” (and higher gas prices).
    The British have been caught napping and the “only solution” they can think of, is to shut down the remaining reliable coal and nuclear stations and build more wind turbines. Insanity.

    • Francis Barnett says:

      The UK shut down most if not all coal fired stations, but there are 13 operational nuclear reactors at six power station locations supporting about 20% of the national electrical power load as a maximum.

      • Peter Seiznem says:

        We dont need power stations at all. We get all the power we need from the wall socket.

        • Terry Shipman says:

          When I was a boy over 60 years ago some of my elementary school classmates in St. Louis thought milk came from a factory just like Coca Cola. Fortunately my grandfather here in Arkansas had taught me how to milk a cow. I think some of my classmates grew up to be climate alarmists.

        • roger says:

          You have been talking to Boris agan

    • Wim Vincken says:

      Why don’t you guys invest in more horses and those cars they can pull?
      You can develop nice models for one or two person cars with a single horse and for heavy transport look at a nice western movie how they build those with six or eight horses pulling something heavy. Great.
      Except you need to use the masks and bind them where they fart. You know, save the earth or something. Do the same with cows. No, maybe you better get used to eat grass and kill the cows.

      But to be more serious. Whining and complaining doesn’t work. You need to do something about the whole issue and that’s those politicians implementing and supporting this madness. To get rid of them, you need to find the voters who voted them in and address them.

  7. Guirme says:

    Scotland’s largest power station was closed in 2016 for political (ie green) reasons and has subsequently been demolished. If this coal fired generator was still available to us we would be able to face the coming winter with confidence. The looming crisis is very much a green issue – in Scotland the Green party are part of the ruling coalition and hold two ministerial positions.

  8. Martin says:

    The green policies of this government have been a major factor as far as gas prices go in the U.K. There is still plenty of gas to be extracted in the north sea near the Shetland Islands as well as the shale gas on the mainland which looks like it will never be extracted in case the eco lunies are upset.These two sources would give an abundant supply as well as keeping prices down but instead we have to import gas from dubious sources at inflated prices.

  9. Martin says:

    The green policies of this government have been a major factor as far as gas prices go in the U.K. There is still plenty of gas to be extracted in the north sea near the Shetland Islands as well as the shale gas on the mainland which looks like it will never be extracted in case the eco lunies are upset.These two sources would give an abundant supply as well as keeping prices down but instead we have to import gas from dubious sources at inflated prices and rely on useless wind turbines.

  10. Greg W Smith says:

    When are we going to admit that Biden just has to go?

    • Peter Seiznem says:

      Biden, What a fantastic leader. Now we have an adult in the room by any definition. I have dementia and its great to have a fellow suffer in the big job. Just goes to show just how far dementia suffers can go, a real role model.

    • Wim Vincken says:

      When? Until you voters have suffered enough. And as I can see it, there are still legions of ‘people’ who are still supporting him, so it will take a while of suffering.

      But don’t worry, because everything Biden is doing, touching or creating will cause disaster. Many times small disasters, sometimes big disasters.

      Also consider that in the US, a Democrat voter can get away with murder, rape, stealing, robbing and loads of other crimes. I saw part of Hunter Biden movies, photos and emails, and it’s disgusting and includes child porn. If he can get away with it, and he does, well, I’m afraid that you need to wait for a long time.

  11. Brian Jackson says:

    The green lunatic policies of the present CON govt amount to TREASON, as they directly negatively severely impact the entire population.
    Many old people will die unnecessarily this winter as a DIRECT result of these green lunatic policies.
    THIS IS TREASON and legal class action should be taken.
    I am willing to help fund such action.
    Who else will??
    Bj in UK.

    • Francis Barnett says:

      You are mixing up civil and criminal law.
      And you cannot sue on the basis of what might happen in the future.
      A class action is a lawsuit generally involving hundreds, if not thousands, of plaintiffs who have all filed the same suit against a company in an attempt to recover damages from that company.
      Treason is a criminal offence. Under the law of the United Kingdom, high treason is the crime of disloyalty to the Crown. Offences constituting high treason include plotting the murder of the sovereign etc.

    • Wim Vincken says:

      Yes, Brian, I understand your feelings about that. It can’t be treason, but it feels like it. And this trend isn’t only happening in the UK, but in the rest of Europe and the US as well.
      Look how those climate change folks are presenting their case to the people.

      And the reason why we’re going into trouble is not those people promoting such nonsense. No, it’s the politicians who supporting that and changing policies to make it happen. And it’s the people who voted them in and even support them.

      So, if you must point your fingers to those guilty for this coming madness, you need to point it first to the voters, then the politicians.
      If that does not work, well, let the voters first suffer until they get enough and kick the politicians and those clowns out on the streets.

  12. robert petersen says:

    The Journal of Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics has an interesting article by 23 scientists who reviewed 16 satellites that measure radiation from the sun. their conclusion was global temperature change was due to sun activity. The IPCC reviewd 3 satellites. Hmm

  13. Wim Vincken says:

    I don’t think that this was per design. It’s purely based on incompetence, faulty energy policies, left-wing politics and a combination of international events and disasters, like corona, issues in Europe, etc.

    It’s not an advantage for any form of authority, where its population is getting hungry, can’t travel and being cold in the winter and probably a collapse of companies and money issues. Those are perfect reasons to go on the street and to violently demonstrate.

    Don’t you wish for a Trump-like figure, who would fix the whole thing with a strong arm? And kick those lefties out of the country?

  14. Russ Wood says:

    It has long been a truism that ‘famines’, although often started by weather, become such because of POLITICAL interference. It looks as if the UK’s gas/food/everything scarcity is, in fact, a famine, with EXACTLY the same cause(s) as all other famines!

  15. Ron says:

    I personally like wind and sun energy, backed up by nuclear energy. New modern, safer plants need to be built. a backup plan so people don’t die in the winter is always a good idea. the reset nuts don’t seem to really give a shit whether people live or die.
    I thought NG was the answer, but apparently, it’s bad stuff? c02? Makes plants grow but is bad also?

  16. Phil Grizzell says:

    Petrol tanker drivers have an ADR qualification as well as a HGV licence. They need this for them to drive petrol tanker lorries.
    There is a shortage of HGV drivers. That’s a true fact.
    However HGV drivers cannot drive a petrol Tanker lorry without having an ADR qualification.
    The UK had ADR drivers last week. NOTHING repeat NOTHING changed much in a week. Maybe some holiday or some sickness but not, I doubt a dramatic change.
    The ADR drivers that were driving last week are still driving this week delivering fuel. So nothing has changed.
    The petrol panic we are now experiencing is all down too media hype.
    It’s not because of brexit because all the EU drivers went back to Europe. Which is some of the reasons being banded about.
    These EU HGV driver’s, left months ago, and yet the country was still getting fuel without problems up until today.
    So what’s changed? Nothing !!
    Apart from the disgraceful media hype and scaremongering to make news. Too sensationalise the fact that a couple of petrol stations were getting a late delivery so they closed.
    The Result of the media scaremongering!!
    Massive panic and chaos by everyone. Which is now causing a shortage of fuel until the ADR drivers, that we already had delivering fuel a few days ago, can deliver again.
    The media should be fined and penalised, severely for publicising false news and creating the crazy situation that has been going on all today. Disgusting. They should hold their heads in shame.
    And to top it the government have 1000’s of trained military personnel who are available if there was a real fuel crisis. Bloody Media!! Bloody sheep, bloody selfish mentality.

  17. Jeffrey Brehm says:

    To combat greens, marxists, AOC, windmill loons, etc, I like the idea of states (like Texas!) establishing themselves as “Federal Tax Sanctuary States”, like the lefties did with illegals. From now on, any proposed new Biden tax increase would simply be made voluntary above present levels. Of course, Texas lefties could volunteer to send in as much additional money as they like, the rest of us would just be exempt.

    We could use our savings to buy ICE cars.

    BTW, re the article title, if you think we’re getting short on gas and oil now, just wait two years when demand is back to full strength. There is now no new O&G investment, oil companies would rather buy each other or their own stock, they have fired all their staff and are in debt up to their gonads. The shale plays are mature and declining – anyone know where is their next gig? OPEC has no spare upside capacity. Forget renewables. There has yet to be a solar panel made that will generate enough energy in its useful lifespan to make itself. And clattering windmills ain’t cutting it, as we found out last February. (plus, it takes 800-1000 cubic yards of concrete for the base of every windmill. Anyone want to guess how concrete is made?)

  18. Don says:

    President Trump would have cut through all this crap of port delays.

    Biden, part of Cloward-Piven.

  19. robert petersen says:

    The article in the Journal of Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics was Aug 2021. Some may be interested in an article in Yahoo that Helion Energy has an additional $2.2 billion in funding to make a Fusion generator. It is about their 7th generation and each is getting closer. Livermore Lab also announced a breakthrough in fusion generation in a laser system that got a 70% return of energy whereas previously the maximum was 3%. Finally the FORGE project in Milford, Utah around 150 miles SW of SLCity has additional funding to $220 million and are drilling the recovery well. The initial well is done. The depth is 8,000 feet on a fault. Temperature at this depth 440F.A similar well is in Oregon on a volcano. The source is inexhaustible and emission free. A new technique by Plasm BIt is with a plasma tip on the drill (45,000 F) which drills faster and cheaper and most anywhere. Temperature rises 54F every KM. It is possible wells can be placed right in cities as they have a very small footprint.

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