COVID In Wyoming

Wyoming has the lowest vaccination rate in the country and the state reports that cases are dropping sharply.



Wyoming COVID-19 hospitalizations continue dropping after early September peak – Casper, WY Oil City News

But a local radio station and the New York Times appear to have a different agenda, reporting that cases and hospitalizations are surging.

covid wyoming – Google Search

Little the press reports seems to have anything to do with reality.

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12 Responses to COVID In Wyoming

  1. THX1138 says:

    The press is trying to create their own reality

  2. Peter Carroll says:

    Australia is grappling with the Delta variant in three eastern states, with the death toll rising. We get the daily dose of deaths and other dire news, along with the usual condemnation of the, “unvaccinated”.
    What we are not told along with the ever increasing number of cases diagnosed is,
    the mortality rate is steadily falling.
    Last week it was 1.5%, this week, 1.4%, down form 3.3% twelve months ago.
    Currently, if you contract Covid-19 in Australia, of any variant, your chances of recovery are, 98.6%.

    • Greg W Smith says:

      Just like a seasonal flu

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      1 80 yr old man died…that is NOT a time for lockdowns and TERROR Sir. Old people, like me, die every day from that thing called LIFE. Aussies are peons, Americans are Free Citizens and no Man can order us to destroy our lives because a few people die. The actual number of people dying in America from COVID only is in the low 20 thousands. Fresh air, good health, stop living on top of each other (Big cities) and stay away from Politicians!

    • Sydney Subversive says:

      It is very interesting that you should say this, Peter. Every morning I tabulate on my own spreadsheet the death and infection data from the Australian Federal Department of Health. As of this morning, 17 September, the infection fatality rate had fallen from 3.00%, where it stood on 21 June, to only 1.4o% as you say. Things get even more interesting if you assume that the Delta variant made its appearance on or about that date and count only deaths and infections since. This yields an infection fatality rate on the order of only 0.44%, roughly one seventh that of the earlier variants. In other words, with Delta, the average chance of survival – across the entire population – is as good as 99.56%. This figure also agrees reasonably well with data from Public Health England. Bear in mind, though, that actual infection fatality rates vary markedly across different age ranges.

    • Ed Price says:

      In Victoria, still in lockdown, up to 5 vaccinated can now meet.
      Unvaccinated can only meet with one other!

      Waiting for my village to post an “UNVACCINATED” sign on my front door..
      Am getting a “JUDEN” sign to replace it – to remind them of Hitler.

      PS Victoria I think still holds the record for lockdowns – over 5 months.

  3. arn says:

    Co2vid and AGW are the same thing.

    A road of broken promises, moving goalposts to justify draconic restrictions.
    And a synchronized copy of politics.
    While politics move further and further to the left(in waves:push>wait>pacify>push)
    “science” is justifying tyranny and erosion of democracy(lockdown>vaccine>end lockdown>new lockdown>new vaccine>vax pass )

  4. Robert L. Gipson says:

    Hmm…why is the CDC now predicting an outbreak of a polio-like ilness among 5 year olds? Scroll forward to 2:00, watch just 60 seconds of this video (2:00 – 3:00).

    How does the CDC know this will happen? Take a bloody guess.

    Meanwhile, ABC’s FB poll backfired. They sought reports from people of deaths among the “unvaccinated.” Instead, they received hundreds of thousands of reports of horrifying adverse effects and deaths caused by the vaccine:

  5. GreyGeek says:

    What’s more telling is Wyoming’s Daily New Deaths. That count has remained below 5 per day since last January, and most of the time it has oscillated between 0 and 1 per day. Meanwhile, the Daily New Cases is around 500 per day. And that is with the medical profession doctoring death certificates to maximize “covid” cases. Before May 10, 2020 the presence of covid was confirmed with a PCR test. After that date all it took was a doctor’s “presumption” based on a single symptom. Flu cases were presumed to be covid and thus covid cured the flu. What also was added by the May 10th change in diagnosis by the CDC was the presumption that everyone within five levels of contact with the individual were presumed to have covid as well, and the case counts jumped from 1 to 16 or higher. Thus, daily new cases were inflated, for political reasons. Daily New Deaths, on the other hand, are legal documents which must be submitted within 10 days in most states, so fudging the numbers is considerably more difficult.

  6. Pamela Matlack-Klein says:

    A good friend in the States insists that Covid is really bad right now in her area, West Virginia panhandle close to D.C. This is what the news is telling her and she accepts it at face value. She believes that the hospitals are overflowing with Covid cases in unvaccinated people and that no one can get elective surgery because of this. It just isn’t worth arguing with her so we don’t talk about Covid anymore. She is vaccinated and feels protected. I refuse to be an experimental animal so am NOT vaccinated and have no plans to accept the jab.

  7. Nicholas Liam McGinley says:

    I suppose it has become my roll these days to be a contrarian.
    Anyway, I can think of a lot of reasons why case counts are not a good metric for assessing the pandemic, and may be useless for making comparisons.
    One reason relates to testing. Case counts are reliant on testing rates, and some places are not testing as much as others.
    Another is that cases are not what anyone really needs to be worried about, since a mild or asymptomatic case is, IMO at least, the best thing that can happen to a person. Once someone gets covid, they are going to have a degree of protection that is hard to beat, and this is true across all groups: Vaccinated, unvaccinated, those that will get it, this that will not, etc.
    There is a increasing amount of study data points that show that whether or not one gets infected before vaccination, or after vaccination, or whatever, that antibody counts and memory cells go way up.
    I had personally doubted early reports of cases of reinfection, but it seems hard to be sure at this point that at least some people are getting it again, although it is for sure this is a rare occurrence, and acquired immunity to covid by any means provides a high degree of protection.
    So, since I also think we are unlikely to rid the world of this virus, it is highly probable IMO that each person will at some point ingest the virus and have to have their immune system deal with it. Looked at from that point of view, getting exposed…IOW a “case”…is inevitable, and therefore to be expected at some point. What really matters is what kind of case one gets. A mild or asymptomatic case is therefore something to be celebrated…it is literally the best thing that can happen to a person. Far better than not having been exposed yet. Those not exposed yet can not be 100% certain of what sort of case they will get. Young and healthy people are overwhelmingly likely to not get a severe case, but some of such people do indeed seem to be getting severe cases and even dying. In fact, as we know, even the vast majority of old and not so healthy people are surviving the infection, even severe infection. But many who survive will go through a very bad illness that may shorten their life and lower the quality of life they have left. Viral pneumonia commonly leaves people with permanently damaged lungs and sometimes other organs.

    Pandemics always end, even when there are no steps taken or even available to treat people or the disease. This happens…the end of a pandemic…when most people have immunity due to prior exposure, either personally or through immunity acquired via breast milk from their mother, perhaps.
    Many pathogens also evolve to a lower degree of virulence, although this seems to not be anything one can be assured of for any particular ailment, and in any case may take a long time, many years or even multiple decades. If this is a lab created virus, who knows what is gonna happen going forward re virulence. Also, any virus infecting so many people and animals has a larger chance of evolving via coinfection with another virus in the same individual and same cell at the same time, at which point horizontal genetic resortment can occur…IOW, the two virus can exchange genes and acquire completely new characteristics from each other. This is thought to be a major cause of influenza pandemics, or other sudden jumps in virulence of that virus that do not wind up leading to a pandemic.
    A similar type of thing occurs with bacteria and their genetic material, although it may be far more common and of course occurs via a different mechanism. Bacteria commonly exchange genes, even with species that they are not closely related to. This particular ability seems to be an important factor in antibiotic resistance: Once one bacteria evolves such resistance (or it may be more of a selection of beneficial existing traits), it starts to rapidly show up in other types of bacteria.

    As a final point, separate from those above, large variations between various areas, regions, states, countries, or whatever, are notably common since the start of the covid event. There are all sorts of factors that affect surges of virus cases, such as population density, the weather, the types of housing arrangements common in one area or another, how much people are travelling, or gathering in crowds, etc. And besides for those, it seem to just travel around like a sort of wave front or in the manner of a brushfire. It arrives in an area, gets established, spreads around to some degree, and eventually burns trough a vulnerable population and then wanes away. And while that is going on, it spreads either slowly or more quickly to other areas.
    One trend I think we can all agree is a good one has been that the ratio of cases to deaths and severe cases has declined with each successive wave.
    If deaths and severe illness are low, high case counts should be seen as a positive development, in my view. Every surge in cases means there are going to be that many less people who have a chance of getting a severe case or of dying.

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