Former Malaysian Prime Minister Discusses The Plans Of Globalists

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7 Responses to Former Malaysian Prime Minister Discusses The Plans Of Globalists

  1. MrZee says:

    Be cautious. He is an antisemite

    • arn says:

      1)Most muslims are by western standards “antisemites”
      therefore your comment doesnt mean much.
      In Islam jews are considered cursed people according to the quran.

      2)many muslims are semites themselves,therefore the word antisemite doesn’t really fit as proper discription.

      3)It is absolutelly irrellevant wether one is an antisemite or pro semite,
      islamophil or islamophob or homophob or agoraphob
      wether he is Stalin,Hitler,Mao or Jesus,Bhuddha,Maytrea.
      Either his statement is wrong or right
      and no amount of karma or positive or negative reputation
      changes the value of the statement
      as the real value a message has is not connected to the messanger.
      If Hitler says 2+2=4
      and Buddha says 2+2=5
      then Bhuddha is wrong and Hitler right,
      wether you like it or not.

      Let me give you another quote of an “antisemite”
      Ghaddafi 2009 at the UN
      “65 wars broke out since the establishment of the UN and the security council.
      and the victims are millions more than the victims of ww2.
      Were these wars in the interesst of all of us?No.
      They were in the interesst of 3 or 4 countries”

      This goes perfectly along with the threat of James Warburg of 1950 in front of the congress.
      “There will be a world government.
      Either by consent or by conquest”
      (in case you still do not know why your country is playing world police and why the CiA is involved in so many killings and/or removals of state leaders as Lumumba and Mossadeq
      you may take a look at the first american flag = grand union flag,
      and the flag of the first globalist corporation, the billionaires owned slave and drug trading british east india company.
      Then you may get the idea who the owners of the 1st , 2nd and 3rd(FED)
      national american banks were and are and that globalist plans maybe much older than you think)

      btw: the destruction of national souvereignities for the sake of a one world currency was already “predicted” by ‘the economist’ in 1988
      (by an anonymous author)
      And these predictions and plans go hand in hand with what is unfolding
      right now in front of our eyes as co2 and covid restrictions.
      (now a world currency(of course digital,so everything can be tracked in real time) needs???
      a global currency crisis.

    • Robert Rust says:

      A semite is a person who mother language is semitic. Arabs form 97% of semitic people in the world, and 93% of Arabs are Muslims. Sensibly and logically, antisemite means anti-Arab and unit-Muslim.

      It is the unfortunate case that the modern world is owned, run, and controlled by an inbreeding cartel family of profit-seeking, racketeering, language manipulators and false interpreters, see the global warming farce and Covid virus scamdemic as two examples of its ways. It is instructive to note the world has been Media-brainwashed to think that antisemite means anti-jew/Hebrew/Israel, allowing one to realize who the cartel clan is.

      To know who your master is, ask yourself who you are afraid to criticize. Rhymes with jew, synonyms of which are globalist, elitist, propagandist, politicker, fascist (= , corporatist), story maker, actor, banker (usury-ist), middleman, profiteer, racketeer, and similar words. Modern Civilization is the elite jew’s corporate business, the duped common jew serves as its false-acceptance cover. Aleph (bull) and Bet/h (house) are the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the basis for most languages in the world, letting us know, again, who’s been running the world as a profit-based, racketeering, world trading business for the last 6000 years. Most modern languages are massaged dialects of Hebrew, e.g., English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Latin, Scandinavian, and more, all originating from PIE, proto-indo-european, basically Hebrew/Phoenician with vowels added to facilitate world trade.

  2. Ron says:

    He describes what’s going on now. The reset. Jews and Muslims have much in common. They are hated by many, they both hate each other,(not everyone) both cause many problems and if you point these things out people usually hate on you. I’m thankful both groups don’t exist where I live. I see mostly hatred for Jews in comment sections and chats that are about other subjects. I grew up seeing Muslims on the evening news because they hijacked a plane or set off a bomb. Usually killing people in the name of God…

  3. Thomas says:

    Tony, why do you post this? I don’t think that Mahatir Mohamad is exactly a prime source for information. And he is antisemitic and despite having done good things for Malaysia, he is an islamic moron. Don’t peddle these wild conspiracies, which cannot be verified – they undermine your credibility and by association the rest of us. Stick to solid work!

  4. Thomas says:

    *islamistic moron…

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