The World’s #1 Apartheid State

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7 Responses to The World’s #1 Apartheid State

  1. Richard says:

    BLM = give me $$$$$$$

  2. Richard says:

    that is why Malcolm X was killed by Faracoon & his people

    • arn says:

      Malcolm X was killed for opposing and exposing the collaboration of the nation of Islam with american Nazis.
      First they kicked him out ,after he started talking about it his time was up.
      And it was a success to kill the messenger as this information never went mainstream and people nowadays think it’s a conspiracy theory despite the fact that it’s a tradition,starting with the Mufti of Israel (there’s some interesting but controversial comment from Nethanyahu),
      going further with direct collaboration with Nazis in WW2 (every significant muslim minority in Europe collaborated with them= Krim Tartars, Bosniac Hanjar )
      and nowadays Hitlers Main Kampf is the record selling book in most muslim countries after the Qur’an )

  3. Mark Dawson says:

    Please focus on Operation CORONA/CROWN/KETER

    The Climate Scam is the distraction from the ultimate Druid Nature Worship: Blood Sacrifice and Depopulation

  4. Sydney Subversive says:

    Have a look at Australia and see what’s coming down the political pipeline here. In the health authoritarianism stakes we’ll be giving New York City a run for its money. At least New Yorkers can go and live somewhere else. We Australians can’t (we’re forbidden to leave the country and even our State). Maybe someone can offer a booby prize for the jurisdiction that imposes the most crushing restrictions on the uninjected?

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